Madonna's Arms

Written By bryanboy

Madonna’s Arms

We all have our own ideals and goals when it comes to our bodies. In my case, I wish I was 6 foot tall and 110 pounds instead of the pudgy, stumpy tragic little bloated buddha body that I have now.

Madonna, on the other hand, is a different story. I want to understand her rigorous obsession with fitness but the more I see her pictures, the more I’m finding it difficult. I don’t get her. I just don’t. I’m starting to think she’s the female celebrity version of Thierry Mugler.

Madonna's Muscular Arms

Is it the flash, the pose, her movements, the lighting? Who knows. Not a great photo, Madge.

photo credit: fame pictures via the skinny website


  1. I wish I were just half an inch taller (to make an even 5’5″) and 110lbs.
    I’m 5’4.5″ and 124lbs right now.
    And yeah Madonna’s ams are mad weird.
    xox Theens

  2. I kinda think the pic has higher than normal contrast as well as the directional flash light that highlights any bumps at that angle. I suspect that the pic has been doctored to make the viewers more shocked. Just look at the impressive contrast detail on the leaves behind her ( unnaturally high ) and then the sharpened edges between dark and light pixels on the black or dark surfaces. Then you look at her face ( so soft in contrast and light ). This is an obvious photoshop blander and no effort to hide the evidence of tampering either as many ppl still believe a photograph must be real. I still rather skinny and muscley than fat and floppy :o))

  3. Have you noticed Madonna recently sporting a Rolex Daytona? Bryan, I notice Rolex sport watches is making a comeback. Please feature an article about this here in Bryanboy?

  4. Schrankers

    Oh god. But really, Bryanboy and previous comment writers…don’t be so hard on yourselves! Really, the first thing I thought when I first read this blog was how incredibly beautiful its author was! I feel sad that modern media can make beautiful, undeniably slim people feel bad about themselves.

  5. I think Madonna’s obsession with fitness arises from her fear of being old. She clearly can’t accept age leaving its marks. I’ve always been a big fan of her, but I agree that lately she has become more of a caricature of herself. Her fashion outfits remind us of an aging woman trying to be audience’s favourite cheerleader. Or as my hubby would say mutton dressed up as lamb.

  6. IF YOU ARE 52 … you understand why …
    Russian stranger who seen you on the red square

  7. She looks fine to me. As long as you are healthy and clean of crab, WTF?. To understand muscularity you better understand all about it. I mean, if she is like that due to his fitness routine, fine. If that has to do with something else, then it’s not good at all.

  8. I was in a eating disorder unit years ago, they come in with all obsessions. One lady could not stop working out, seven hours… finally she checked herself in. Maybe Madonna has something like this too. It’s not attractive at all, I think she is afraid of getting old. Hence the hours of working out per day.

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