Lovely Leggings

Written By bryanboy

Lovely Leggings

Bling bling and Vogue Russia aside, my chat with Michael Angel last week inspired me to take out my strikingly colourful leggings he gifted me last year. 

Bryanboy in Michael Angel

During our chat, I voiced out that the leggings were rather a bit loose on me and then he told me that the pair I have is actually a prototype. Wow! I also found out that the leggings at the store are a little, just a wee bit smaller than the ones I have and size small would fit most body types because they are stretchable. You may also cut the bottom part of the leggings without a hitch if you don’t like the ‘scrunchie’ effect.

Michael has been generous enough to provide you my dear readers with a promo code for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world for all orders over US$250 at his online store. Just enter the code MABB297509 upon check-out. I’m totally obsessed with his leggings and tanks, you have no idea. I’m thinking of buying another pair or two, I just need to get my finances in order.

Michael Angel Leggings


More pictures (and a funny story) to follow!

photo credits: michael angel


  1. Aww Bryan are your faggotry in motion days over? you could’ve werked this with one of your heels, hehe

  2. i wan a pair… but i’m worried how my man pieces will cooperate… can u shine some light on the issue? =P

  3. michael angel went to my high school! i want those leggings.. probs can’t pull it off though

  4. cattirun

    thank you so much BB for the full outfit… I remember asking for the photo. Those leggings are so hot so thanks for the tip

  5. polevshchikova

    lol i love how the leggings matched the Petron station in the background

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