H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

Can I just say I *love* H&M? I really do. It’s totally mind-blogging why we still don’t have H&M yet they’re opening Tory Burch (please don’t laugh) here in Manila.

Thanks to yet another reader from Germany, the lovely folks over at the world’s favorite Swedish retailer sure know how to show some love. Last season they named me as one of their favourite style bloggers… and now this. 

H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

They published their “Hottest IT Teens” List on their Autumn 2009 magazine. Guess who made the cut? Well, Jenny Humphrey, Cory Kennedy, Pixie Geldof, Jethro Cave, Jourdann Dunn, Sam Kilcoyne, Eleanor Hardwick, Frances Bean Cobain and yours truly.

Teens!!! Hah. CHEEKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

H&M Magazine Autumn 2009

In other news, I always get tickled every time I see “Philippines” in the fashion press. It’s nice to know there’s at least one person out there putting my ickle ‘ol country on the map. Just doing my job y’all.

H&M Magazine out now at all H&M stores worldwide.

Thank you so much H&M. You guys rock!