Happy Walker Girl aka the Psycho Mall Walker Video [watch it now]

Written By bryanboy

Happy Walker Girl aka the Psycho Mall Walker Video

Lemme tell you one thing: mother knows best. My mother was right when she said America is full of teh crazies. Check out this video of “Happy Walker Girl” or “Happy Hiking Girl”.This woman is a nutcase. Nutcase, I tell you. Look at her eyes. Is she on crystal meth? She looks like she’s tweaking!

Walking through the malls, shopping through the malls. It’s not silly. It’s wonderful. It’s something that you can do for yourself and if you’re a modern woman this is what you wanna do for yourself.

Will someone please tell me what she’s on? I wanna have a sip of that loonie kool-aid she’s been drinking.

In any case, you gotta give mad props to her. She’s the kind of motivation the world needs right now to end this recession.

Hysterical! I love her!


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