Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie [mp3, download, video]

Written By bryanboy

Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie

Do you know how to play a musical instrument? I don’t. Not even a single one. I used to be so jealous of some of my friends when I was younger because they all knew how to play the piano or the guitar or whatever. My parents, instead of sending me to piano school during summer, sent me to take up karate instead. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I discovered this guy from the UK named Liam on YouTube and him performing Gymnopédie No. 1 (by Erik Satie) brought the waterworks. This is one of my favourite classics EVER.

Click HERE to download the mp3.


  1. ohh i can play that song too,..:)))
    thats the only thing i can play,..
    XoXo jules,..
    PS:…Hope 2 see u soon…

  2. ahhh so beautiful!
    take up piano! Buy yourself a keyboard and practise for like half an hour a day :) promise it’ll pay off

  3. I first heard this song , back in errrm, 1984 or so, when I had just seen the movie “Diva” Bryan, if you loved this song, then do yourself a massive favour and get down to your video store and rent “Diva” a weird, quirky , fantastic romantic operatic movie. I went and bought the sound track the next day, and it has remained as one of my favourite tracks all this time since. Everytime my heart was broken, that track would just be on repeat

  4. Erik Satie is my favourite composer, but I prefer “Je Te Veux” – there’s a version of it on youtube with the very droolworthy Cedric Tiberghien on piano. Lush!

  5. it’s one of my favourite classics too.
    i used to be able to play piano and cello but now i don’t play anything. not even a sport.

  6. i posted a comment and i dunno what happened to it.
    i used to play the piano and cello, but now i don’t play anything. not even a sport.
    it’s one of my favourite classics toooo

  7. ha!!! u always offerin the song im searchin for thanks ;) n of course i play piano!!!

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