The Madness Begins

Written By bryanboy

The Madness Begins

Embarking on my first leg later today. I think it's time that I upgrade my personal travel map.

See you tomorrow!


  1. good for you.

    i dont need to step it up. i don’t need to keep up with the joneses. i’m happy where i’ve been and everything happens for a reason.

  2. Annalyse

    Ah, you are right. But I always figured that these look-where-i’ve-been-maps were for people who just show off where they’ve been. I never saw the point to it really, I just keep the memories of all the places and the faces. But i guess it’s nice for your readers to see you’ve been where they live (go Indonesia!).

  3. You must come to Brazil as well as soon as possible
    take care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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