Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's $20,000 Dinner at Le Cirque New York

Written By bryanboy

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's $20,000 Dinner at Le Cirque

And I thought it was only $15k — that's what my Filipino friend in New York told me the other day. This, my fellow Filipino taxpayers, is where the pesoses go. From NY Post's Page Six:

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Le CirquePGMA

The economic downturn hasn't persuaded everyone to pinch pennies. Philippines President Maria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was at Le Cirque the other night with a large entourage enjoying the good life, even though the former comptroller of her country's armed services, Carlos Garcia, was found guilty earlier this year of perjury and two of his sons were arrested in the US on bulk cash-smuggling charges. Macapagal-Arroyo ordered several bottles of very expensive wine, pushing the dinner tab up to $20,000.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at Le Cirque New York

Worst President EVER. Ang chaka talaga niya!!!


  1. markcabos

    I SO AGREE WITH YOU BRYAN!! thank you for bringing that up on your blog. What a fugly bitch. I so hate her freakish face!!

  2. How could she do that? While our country is mourning after Cory’s death, she’s there in New York having a spending spree.

  3. wasn’t your had stuck so far up imelda’s marcos’ ass yet you’re now acting so pious towards arroyo? Seriously? We don’t come here for your political commentary, but thanks for varying up your posts. still loves ya bryanboy.

  4. yellow_55

    You’re such a hypocrite. You spend lavishly on designer clothes and accessories. Lanvin, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, ring a bell? You travel internationally. Instead of bashing others spending sprees, why don’t you check yourself first?
    Albeit, President Arroyo $20K dinner is atrocious, you’re just as guilty, sir.

  5. That picture of her surfing is hilarious. I lost all my respect for her. lol

  6. Overpriced & Substandard

    Sadly, ALL Filipino politicians make KURAKOT, not just the President. Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors AND THEIR FAMILIES AND/OR MISTRESSES etc etc. Even those not in politics, like those in the BIR, Customs, DPWH, Dep. Ed. and the AFP make KURAKOT. Do you really think they enter politics/government service to HELP THE POOR? Hahahahaha Some are just smarter than the others.
    And to all those who think Cory Aquino should be a Hero or a Saint I only have two words for you: MENDIOLA MASSACRE.

  7. OMG. Now because of that surfing picture, GMA really looks like Stitch from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch!

  8. Vulva Volvo

    Define chaka?
    For she has the most enviable position in the land. For she can afford what you cant afford?
    Who would you rather think will be the president, Joseph Estrada, God help us all.

  9. yow Bitch…this is GLoria ARROYO we taking about… where the heck do you think she came up with all th crap she paid for those wine and food she ate to stuff her FATTY thighs? isn’t it from us, countrymen, and where do you also think she gets the budget for those Hermes bags she totes around?? …anoying little if BB does buy them…he des it in moderation(yes in ratio with his OWN money)

  10. It’s one thing complaining. It’s another thing just being a “spectator” (quote unquote) and just not doing anything.
    Most of us are probably guilty.

  11. wawa_kho

    each has its own definition of ‘simple dinner’ and one million pesosesoses is nothing for a congressman. its good to be a politician eh?

  12. jepo450

    Supposedly, the bill was paid with the private money of Rep. Romualdez, but private or not, people are still fuming because apparently it’s still in bad taste considering that the Philippines is a poor country. Now, if we follow the logic of those foaming at the mouth about GMA’s excesses, would you care to comment given your penchant for all these high end designer clothes and accessories?


    She is not the worst prez ever. If I have the money, I’d eat there as well. She’s a president and of course there are many expectations of her; there’s many things she can’t do that an ordinary citizen can (like this, dining at a posh restaurant) for it will be seen as inappropriate.

  14. Isn’t that sad? Buti pa si Obama, sa mga pizza and bbq joints mo lang makikitang kumakain, samantalang itong si Arroyo na galing third world eh pa fine dining effect pa. Although I did hear that someone else from NYC footed the bill. Who knows!

  15. exactly how much her budget should be when having dinners. i love obama’s charging meals for ceo meetings in the white house.
    i’ll take her as president than, well, FPJ or Erap, or manny or mar, or chiz, or loren, or worse-jamby(lol).

    we have a little gloria in all of us(if you know what i mean).hehe.i also am corrupt in my own little way.

  16. bryan, I somehow agree with yellow_55. Spending $70+ just to have a t-shirt cleaned, isn’t that too much? Indulging in luxuries is not bad but in these times, i think a bit of discretion is in order. Peace!

  17. Just because she eats at a posh place does not mean she is corrupt. Just because her personal wealth doubled does not mean it’s ill-gotten. Only in the Philippines will you get that conclusion. We are so conditioned to doing that, thanks to the the news media and the Opposition. Have you ever looked at how rich the individual families of the First Gent’s and the President’s? Guess whose family gave the land where the University of the Philippines was built on? Guess whose family gave a bit of land where parts of the University of Santo Tomas sits on now? Guess who used to own ALMOST ALL OF QUEZON CITY? Yeah…that rich! Have you ever been to California and see the buildings owned by the First Family? Yeah, tall and big…and they all got all that wealth even before PGMA became president. Of course it is just easy to jump to stupid conclusions. That’s what they all want you to see. Do you really think they need the money with all the millions, if not billions of pesos they already own? How much is ZTE? Do you really think they would bother with, what $50 MILLION? LOL! The economic downturn that you keep beating like the dead horse would have been worse. I have a few words for you, girlz: NO RECESSION! Just last month our inflation rate is the lowest it has ever been in 22 years AT 0.2%…let me repeat, at zero point two percent! How can that be if there is an economic downturn in the Philippines. Exports are on the uptrend. Unemployment is on the downturn, including poverty, and that’s according to the CIA Fact Book, not some leftist group like SWS. LOL! The problem we have is our exploding population. And yet the Church is fighting the passage of the reproduction bill. How much is the Church fighting poverty? Do they have free schools in the likes of Ateneo or La Salle for the poor even? Do they operate soup kitchens for the poor and homeless? If they have to attack the govt they should put their money where their mouth is. Otherwise, it is all hot air.

  18. Public officials have private lives too, in case you missed that! And she didn’t foot the bill. I have no problem with such a huge dinner bill if it came out of her pocket. Why should we? How many of you have celphones worth 6 to 8 months of your salaries?

  19. I think bryan has a point. it’s quite different. fine you have your private life, fine you can probably afford it…but while millions are hungry? and just before you go back to the philippines to visit cory?

    Perhaps you haven’t read this yet…
    “Gloria gets richer fastest, beats Cory, Ramos, ERAP”

  20. If all her properties and riches are written in her SAL, Filipinos wouldn’t have a problem. The thing is, there’s nothing written in the said document. Even Mr. Arroyo has no sources of income. So please trenton, if you know so much about the First Family’s wealth, educate us.

  21. And you don’t think that a president, who supposedly earns PhP 45,000 ++ a month, who eats in a posh restaurant and have a bill of $20,000 is inappropriate?

  22. Bryan has a point, he is a private individual, however he wants to spend his hard-earned cash is none of our business. GMA, on the other hand is a public servant, her every move is open to public scrutiny.

  23. Airmail

    The tab was picked up by NY based architect, Daniel Romualdez, silly, and not the tax payers.
    And I don’t understand what all the hoo-hah is on a $20,000 bill at Le Cirque. For a party of twelve, that’s quite reasonable.

  24. Public scrutiny is one thing but to jump to conclusion that everything that PGMA does is not on the up and up is ridiculous. It is just so tragic that your view of the president is mostly negative and what you get told by the news media, the Church and the Opposition. You guys must really believe in wacky conspiracies. Has anyone read the article that explained what really happened? Did anyone ask the person who foot the bill? One guy here is even blaming or making Gloria feel guilty for having a very nice dinner in which she was invited before she attended Cory’s funeral. Are you guys, nuts? In the first place, PGMA is not even a relative of Cory.

  25. Maja, no one has even proven that PGMA used public funds. So what is everybody bitchin about? And you mean to tell me that public officials have no right to a private life? No wonder the elected officials that the Philippines have been getting are a bunch of “cute” personalities, loudmouths, showoffs, grandstanding populists. We deserve what we get because we expect the wrong things from them. People like to blame the president for everything nowadays. You guys forget that there are Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors, Councilors, Baranggay Council, Government officials from different political parties, and other people of authority to blame besides the president. They all have responsibilities. They all have their sworn-in duties. But we love to target PGMA! I’m so sick of it!

  26. sweetgiftsphilippines, perhaps that is mostly true but in our judicial system, the accused are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

  27. trenton,
    Of course, public officials are entitled to keep their private lives private. But when you are on an official trip, funded by taxpayers’ money, representing the country then there is nothing private about that.
    If you don’t expect so little as delicadeza from our leaders today then I have to agree with you, maybe GMA is the type of leader that you deserve.
    She’s a the head of state for Pete’s sake! Being a target is part of the job.

  28. Everyone’s targeting thr president because she deserves all the criticism, albeit I agree on Trenton’s fact that people are blindly electing politicians with “cute” personalities. It’s true that the country is in doom ‘coz I myself do not think there is going to be a great Philippine leader in this generation.
    She may afford having quite a lavish meal or an imeldific lifestyle in general, but I believe a good leader should be very sensitive on the majority of his/her country’s populace. Fuck the inflation rate or the country being recession-proof, go to slum areas and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Yes, many could afford buying expensive status-symbol cellphones and other gadgets, but a few could afford buying a car or a house.
    Albeit everybody deserves a private life, when you’re a public servant and in the “hot” seat, I’m afraid your life’s an open book.
    Lastly, Bryanboy dot com is a fucking lifestyle (fashion) blog. If it were some anti-poverty group zine, then that’s what you call “hypocrisy”. Otherwise, such claim is pretty much pointless.

  29. So long as the money didn’t come from the taxpayers, I don’t care if they dined in a billion-dollar restaurant. You can’t force a person to be saint. I’m saving my insults until after facts are confirmed. For someone like me, P1M for a dinner is outrageous. But if you’re dining with dignitaries, it’s a different story. It would have been inspiring if we found out that they spent a lot less dining in a fastfood joint. But who are we to judge them? When I have guests from out of the city or country, I bring them to the best restaurants that I could find (well that best suits my budget too). Until then, no criticisms just yet.

  30. John Silva

    To me what’s more outrageous is that Philippine broadsheets made a front-page headline out of a “news” item found in the GOSSIP section of a US newspaper (in)famous for its sensationalism. Is that what passes for journalism in the Philippines these days?
    And for a predominantly Catholic nation, Filipinos are sure quick to judge and vilify their public figures, and given to emotional outbursts and misplaced outrages at the expense of rational discussion and objective fact-checking.
    I could only imagine that had Jesus lived in this day and age he would’ve been crucified the moment he preached anything against the self-righteous and hypocrites in our society, and his fate would then have been quickly sealed by a viral text message or video.

  31. pinoy kasi

    wake up trenton…you are saying Gloria is clean? come on. check out their house in the bay area. check out the lifestyle of her family. wake up!

  32. Jepo450


    Even the NY Post got a hold of the theoretical menu bandied about by MLQ & Ricky Carandang and passed it off as the “actual” menu, hah hah.. Makes you then wonder if their original $20,000 amount was even fact checked. For all we know, it could just have been $2,000. Hay naku….

  33. hahahah! who cares if she fattened herself on a 20K dinner?

  34. are you guys serious? have some pride for the philippines. She is the president and she has to portray a good image abroad. this is petty and you guys are embarrassing the philippines.

  35. TO GMA:
    and no one will care if you die.. just as if nothing happened.

  36. aedrienne

    To Macapagal-Arroyo,

    If I were you, its better for you admit the wrong doings that you have done since to seek for the presidential position for your country. Your own people are so disgusted of what you are doing and most of all to you. Please have a little of bit of pride. Arent you ashame of what you are doing? You came from a family of politicians and you are disgracing your own family. I may not have the power and the money that you have but I pity you a lot.

  37. really now?! i bet you’re someone who’s enjoying the good life.. not paying for the things that you eat (palamunin).. maybe you’re a tax evader.. heck, you may be even related to her.. because only a bum or a tax evader would think that a president spending $20000 for dinner in a very expensive restaurant while ruling a 3rd-world country during economic downturn, is petty.. oh wait, you’re gonna say it was a wedding anniv gift from a mysterious congressman?.. who in the right mind would pay 1 million pesos for an anniv gift without expecting something in return?!..

  38. hey trenton.. where in the world have you seen a property go up 3,400% ???!!!!!

    explain that smart a$$

    FYI: the property is in bulacan.. in a very secluded place..

  39. enjoyfrancis

    My view on this is why the Putang inang Gloria Arroyo (PGMA) committed the “HELLO GARCI”?

    she would do that for PHP XX, XXX.XX/month compensation.
    Great risk for a small hitback?
    review how she decreased the budgets on education
    review the appropriate cash amount of her projects
    review how Mr. Arroyo became the biggest dealer of UKAY UKAY.
    review how many Activist were killed.

    maybe we should ask the UN why they point their fingers to Gloria Arroyo on the extra-judicial killings.

  40. mezenkyme

    Bull. Don’t think you’re impressing anyone with that comment. $20k for 12 people is over $1600 a head and anyone who can do math can see that’s grotesque. I’ve eaten at Le Cirque and the vast majority of diners are spending less than $200 a head. The ONLY way you can possibly spend $1600 per is by going absolutely bonkers on the wine list.

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