Gilt Groupe Invitation

Written By bryanboy

Gilt Groupe Invitation

Some of you have been emailing me whether or not I have an invite for the members-only discount shopping site Gilt (aka Gilt Groupe). I know I haven’t blogged about them on my site though I’ve posted a few tweets recently. I was holding off until I order something from them. Well, I bought a sweater and a scarf and they arrived safely. They ship fast!

The way Gilt works is that they post new items, which are sold at first come/first serve basis, at 12 noon (US Time) every weekday. Each designer sale lasts for 36 hours. Between you and me, I’ve seen a lot of major bargains over the past few months. I got a cashmere scarf for almost $50. Not bad of a deal eh?

Gilt Groupe Invitation Invite

Click HERE to join Gilt.

Unfortunately, Gilt can only ship to United States addresses at this time. They do not ship overseas. It helps if you have a friend who is based in the US who will receive the package in your behalf then ship your order to you.


  1. Marichu

    Hi BB!
    Quick tangential question on shipping to PI, if I may. Is FedEx a secure bet? I’ve heard horror stories of packages sent to Makati being opened. You’ve had experience with FedEx and maybe other shipping companies. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. If you’re holding a Citibank credit card, you can go to
    They’ll designate a US address for you so that you can still shop at those websites that ship only to the US, after which they can ship it to your non-US address.
    Hope this helps… =)

  3. Thanks BB! Enjoy your new member credit, I just loaded up on some Libertine.

  4. Michele

    hi bryanboy, I’m trying to sign up for Gilt, but the link you posted isn’t working. Could you please help me out? Mucho love, M.

  5. You could try to make Gilt send your item to which I used. Once they receive your item they ship it outside of the US to your address.

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