Fox Fur Collars Wrap Scarves for $99!!!

Written By bryanboy

Fox Fur Collars for $99!!!

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for summer in the northern hemisphere to be over. Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Oh what am I talking about, I love winter. Coming from a place where it’s permanently hot and humid, nothing excites me more that traveling where it’s -5 degrees outside and my frozen bollocks are the size of raisins. I know it’s still too early to plan where I’m going for a winter vacation this year (if I ever get to go, that is) but what I know is that it’s never too early to plan for outfits!

Which is why I’m so happy that I found this awesome eBay store based in China (with over 2,000 positive feedback) that sells fur items like rabbit, fox and mink scarves. I bought a brand new black fox fur collar/wrap for US$99 + shipping.

Black fox fur collar
Black fox fur collar

They come in different colours such as:

  • pink (yuck; paris hilton is dat chu?)
  • gray (loveliness)
  • white (stunning but not for me)
  • purple (too matronly… and the ribbon is horrendous)
  • red (too drag queen)
  • royal blue (nice) and more.

Because you’re dealing with the manufacturer directly, you can ask them to dye something for you if the colour that you want is not available. 

I’ll take photos when I get the package over the next few days. I’m excited!!

You’re welcome.

*photo credit: eBay


  1. it really saddens me to see that you are pro-real-fur…
    chinees are the worst in the fur industry its really cruel.. i vote |no|

  2. Real fur? Not fashionable anymore, and just hideous.
    And wait, online shops from China? Oh my…

  3. foxmypet

    it looks faux, or maybe it’s just the light? anyways, i’m no good with furs, eats me up. haha.
    anyways, you might get some angry shit from some people like peta, but what the heck right,
    if you’re happy. are you?

  4. Christofer

    That’s sad you wear real fur.
    I know all these fashion industry are totally for the fur but, i doesn’t think you’re like that. Vraiment dommage.

  5. I’m not one of these upholders of moral standards, but fur really does look tacky and more and more designers are taking a pass on it. i’ve never seen you looking good in fur, just older and… well, tacky :)

    That thing from ebay looks like it cost about 20 bucks. sorry bb!

  6. Must be very poor quality or scraps, or even dog!!!! Haven’t you seen the footage of how they kill the animals for the fur in China?

  7. U have no idea.. these chinese factories are really gross & unethical when handeling the animals. its one thing to kill them, another to ill treat them for prolonged periods before killing them. Bryanboy, I am disappointed in you.

  8. I’m so sorry but you just disgusted me I cant even find words to describe how horrifing this is to me. u r dealing with chinese fur dealers, they r the cruelest out there, i cant believe in u. ERASE THIS POST AND DO NOT ADVERTISE THIS.

  9. Fur is not for me, they smell ( by nature ) and I have a cat that reminds me everytime fur has to be on the animal and not on a hanger.

  10. “not fashionable anymore”
    are you serious?
    would Lagerfeld agree? Would Wintour agree? would Carine agree?
    I don’t think so honey. Fur will forever be in fashion. It’s a fact.

  11. The hypocrisy of all the anti-fur commenters never fail to amaze me.
    Raise your hands if you’re vegan and don’t wear leather bags and shoes.

  12. I do not think one can force others 2 do something they don’t want to do. However, I personally always eat freerange chicken and eggs and avoid beef and pork. I do not eat in places I suspect they use caged animals products ( I guess it is easier to do in New Zealand ) and I refuse to buy Chinese fur products. I have seen those films and think there is a huge difference between fur coming out of Norway Hunting season for example and fur produced through torture of animals in China. One day we will look back on this and feel very sorry, just as today we look back at the slavery and feel damn bad.
    Baboosh I love you and I know you love fur, but please not Chinese fur :o(

  13. Fur is unappealing to me. I see it as tacky (even faux-fur) & cruel…boo fur. That’s all.

  14. Do you have the same attitude when you wear leather goods?
    Look in your closet. Half of your shit is probably made in China.

  15. Ergh these ‘anti-fur’ people are such hypocrits.
    The only time people can complain about fur is if they dont eat any meat or anything that comes from an animal and they don’t wear leather.
    But, I think the fur wrap is very nice bb :)

  16. To all the people who are making comparisons between eating meat and using fur, i cannot believe the amount of ignorance I see here…For one, people eat meat to survive, so that serves a purpose, using real fur to look nice from a person not familiar with the fashion territory is completely gratuitous.

    Secondly, some leathers are harvested from animals that are used for meat products…

    Thirdly, chinese fur farmers are the worst, they skin animals alive, and treat the animals in a very cruel way…perhaps fur from places that dont use barbaric means?

    I know this is your blog byanboy, but considering youve got a large following and have ‘power’in the blogosphere your not really in a position to be insensitive and apathetic to those who constnatly follow you…your loyal followers

  17. It saddens me that fashion people always use the same arguments over and over again when it comes to fur (and for sensationalism’s sake, they would add random french only for sensationalism even if they are wrongly used…)
    To the person who said that fur will always be in fashion because Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour said so, I am laughing at you right now. They may be the high names of fashion, but never they will dictate what fashion truly is. If you really need them to dictate your fashion sense, if your fashion sense really follow theirs, then let me tell you that you still have things to learn. It saddens me more because I truly think that fashion is a great form of art, yet discovering that fashion people are ignorants prick and that the stereotypes are funded; It’s saddening. Where are the next leaders of fashion?? I hope you are not this dumb!

  18. lavender

    totally agree with john! i’ve actually seen a video of how those chinese people actually strip off the fur from the fox..i don’t think you’ll ever wanna wear them if you saw the video.

  19. Thank you John.I am not member of any group and don’t want to belong to any club, political or else ( Pita, Cheeta…etc.) but I see wrong and I avoid it. Baboosh please buy your fur from places that won’t cause torture of caged animals. A few dollars less is not worth the bad Karma attached to that fur, the horrendous memories of the painful short life those poor animals had is always stuck to those pieces of skin.

  20. Galatea

    Lol, Why would Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld be the center of an overchanging industry that is fashion? It’s not because Anna Wintour thinks that something is tasteless that it should be. What are you? A fashion enthusiast or an Anna Wintour follower?
    Fashion will perdure, but those ephemeral figures are not. You, even less. Queer, get over it!

    Those so-called “fashion people” queers never cease to amaze me!

  21. bluelines

    Fur is tired queen – you look like an old woman wearing it. and cheap fur at that? com’on!

  22. I agree. I used to think vegans/peta people were hypocrites but honestly doing something is better than nothing at all. Wearing fur is just tacky unless you live in really cold climate where in the past it was necessary for survival.
    Hopefully no one will throw paint on you bryanboy when you wear it.

  23. to each his own…ur fab bryan!!
    and oh i hate PETA and hypocrites!!

  24. Wow, I’m really surprised by the lack of respect on this string. Some of your readers post some valid concerns and are instantly dismissed as anti-fur crackpots. Not only by people posting, but also by the owner of the blog.
    Bryanboy, I know this is YOUR blog (I love it and check in everyday), but I kind of expected you to be more open to points of view different from your own. The idea that wearing fur is undesirable is not a new or progressive one. Many high-end designers feel the same way.

  25. HOW TACKY!

    You are disgusting. I hope someone throws paint on you while you’re wearing it.

  26. amazing! well said! take note bryan and stop saying THANK YOU to people who kiss your a**
    how insensitive to promote chinese fur dealers, u BROKE my heart
    seriously, broke it!

  27. i am serious, i am VERY serious. its ur blog but u r PUBLIC u dumbass, this is like a window to the world, this is like a tv channel. there are PEOPLE following u, how dare u ADVERTISE a fur dealer who skins animals alive for living?
    u are as ugly as it gets, seriously there aint no chanel jacket can get u pretty

  28. phillip

    the only thing that bothers me when people wear fur is the idiots screaming about it. you dont like fur and dont agree with it, then dont wear it! otherwise, stfu

  29. I stand up for Gayrights, humanrights and Racism the same way I stand up against Chinese fur industry. BB I stood up b4 against assholes that were bulshitting against my gayfriends and was made fun of and ignored, but that does not stop me doing the same all over again. Ignorant people are always full of excuses to stay that way, I am not one of them. That is all.

  30. I am OPEN and I listen to different points of view, otherwise I wouldn’t allow you, or others, to express your opinions (which is a privilege, not an entitlement) on my site.
    I love fur. I’ve always loved fur and I’ll always support fur as long as the animals involved are not endangered. I don’t need to justify what I like to my readers nor do I owe anyone explanation. To each their own.

  31. You mention you eat freerange chicken.
    Do you think about the lives of the chicken you consume?
    In your words…
    “the horrendous memories of the painful short life those poor animals had is always stuck to those pieces of skin.”

  32. fashionistaYVR

    i say: live and let live….. that doesn’t really help does it? — but just to make it clear which side i’m on…. i love Rick Owens!!!!

  33. My only concern is the quality of these furs, the price is a bit low. I prefer free-range fur products because atleast they get to be hunted down , if i’m paying for something i expect some effort.
    As for anti-fur people, good on you, i think it’s a wonderful cause, we all need causes in our lives.
    I was attack be P.E.T.A once for wearing a gorgeous fur wrap at vegetarian cafe, i wasn’t upset even though they splashed paint over me, i just went and bought another fur wrap.
    Really, you can’t stop animal products, you never will, be it leather etc, even non-animal products have been produced with chemical dyes, treatment (chemical run-off) and farming (soil erotion, destruction of habitat) which in itself damages the environment killing off animals in the process.

    Don’t fight it, just wear it.


  34. omfg this is HIS blog therefore he’s entitled to say what he wants when he wants on his blog. So what if some of his viewers don’t agree? big whoop. who cares! It’s HIS blog. duh..

  35. Annoooooying

    eF THIS tHREAD of comments!:)) personal choice is always there..i for once don’t really wear fur..and maybe i just dont’t want to..but it doesnt mean it is tacky nor depends on how you carry it and not the stereotypical point that should be emphasized..i mean BB wore what? heels?shants?mich hats?dresses? and the fashionworld thought it is fab…no i aint kissing his ass..i’m just giving justice on how this post should be treated.

  36. Oh the fur debate… I wonder if any of these haters are green bashers? I wore my fur stole to work today, taking advantage of the last month of winter in NZ.

  37. Wow. Now that’s some anger you got there. Don’t be mad at him personally just because he doesn’t share your beliefs, that just makes you look pathetic and sad. Fur is not, and never will be an ethical issue, people either want to use them or they don’t, it doesn’t speak ill of a person just because they look at the world differently. Otherwise, we meat eaters will be burning vegetarians at the stake, admit it, without animal protein, we’re just stronger, hahaha.

  38. dilettante

    OH NOS! Dyed black fur from a Alaskan Husky. Wasn’t there all this fuss prior to the Beijing Olympics in ’08 where they outlawed restaurants from serving dog meat? If you can’t eat them, make them into shawls! I mean, really now, why let good puppies go to waste.

  39. dilettante

    That aside, I wouldn’t really buy anything from China and expect it to be authentic. All those bootleg wares, fake toothpaste with anti-freeze, infant formula with plastic to raise protein levels, and the list goes on and on.

  40. dilettante

    We’ll see about that when you get heart disease and cancer from over-consumption of meat products. Ever hear about the known carcinogen Heterocyclic Amines present in cooked meats? Yum Yum, eat up.

  41. dilettante

    I’m only against the killing of cute animals, like baby lambs, bunnies, foxes, and all those fuzzy adorable animals. Skin all the alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and hippos all you want. Oh! Skin all those ugly Chihuahuas too, those things are HIDEOUS to me–the down-syndrome-esque face, those bugged out eyes, the constant annoying yapping. KILL THEM ALL AND MAKE THEM INTO HOTDOGS, I TELL YOU!

  42. dilettante

    That’ll just encourage them to buy another one, so… meh.
    That aside, the black fox fur shawl does look… cheap. It might be the way the dyed it, it looks rather faux to me from the picture.

  43. Can u or a group of people make a difference? If the workers at the fur skinning company didnt have a job, would u rather the animal suffer or the worker suffer? The way you speak of cruelty makes you sound privileged, I support neither, just be more open minded.

  44. UGLY PEOPLE WEAR FUR! LIKE YOU! wearing fur to compensate for bad looks doesn’t work.

  45. Laurelle

    if an animal is treated well and with respect, and given a quick death, then it’s okay. But, given the nature of Chinese animal farming, it seems unlikely that the animals that gave their fur for you were treated well. I love fur, meat, and leather, but I feel sick to consume or use animal product from an animal that was mistreated or tortured before it’s death.

  46. i agree with whats-her-face…. NO amount of cheap fur or chanel will make that face pretty. NO AMOUNT! sorry bb, but it’s true… think about it?

  47. I don’t think of animal activists as hypocrites nor do I support their attacks on the opposition. But I think fur farming is truly a cruel and unnecessary thing. In my opinion furs just like leathers should be by-products of the meat industry, which is inevitably part of our lives. Chinchillas, minks, foxes, etc. should be, if really necessary hunted in cases of overpopulation but not kept in cages, then skinned alive. I am no strict opponent of fur but I think we should really stick to the rabbits, shearlings and cows that eventually land on our plates anyways.

  48. Why yes, you are very serious. We can tell by the way you use CAPS to emphasise your point, not to mention your professional tone of voice (e.g. dumbass). Very serious indeed. You might want to check your grammar before you start telling people you are serious. But for real though. Seriously.
    From the heart.

  49. You said it lavender. ‘THOSE’ Chinese are horrible really. I totally agree with you. Let’s crucify them. All of them, bar none. They are all bad and let’s totally vent out our feelings on this blog because that’s the healthy thing to do. You show ’em.

  50. Go gurl. Love your style and your bravado. Let the anti-fur nazis rage.

  51. Tinuviel

    These videos were STAGED you gullible chump!
    Think about it. Engage your brain cells for one moment.
    Why on earth would any sane person try to skin an animal alive? The animal would fight back. It would bite and squirm. It would take ten times as long to skin an animal alive as dead. The spurting blood would ruin the fur.
    I think videos like these are deeply racist. Do you really believe the average Chinese furrier is a sadistic monster? As opposed to the kind, humane, BLOND CAUCASIAN Norwegian furriers?

  52. … ok, you are so concerned dealing with how animals are skinned but then you don’t care about others’ feelings, how humane is that?! wtf girl?
    oh I get it, you’re not human after all. Go mingle with your animal family and smell shit!
    I would’ve understood your empathy for the animals but nah…

  53. Stop talking about animal fur and focus on our planet (e.g ozone depletion) Shall we? <3

    Guess everyone's guilty on this one, right?
    What could be worse than torturing everything on this planet? So what's with the self-righteous anti-fur attitude going on here?
    I doubt an anti-fur in here doesn't live in a house made of wood. And the wood came from lots of trees. And birds' live on trees. So basically he/she already contributed to a bird's suffering… Oh poor bird… T_T
    Come on people, don't be such a hypocrite. Start moving to a garbage dump and save a poor bird's life!

  54. Camilla

    Finally some common sense here! So just because you eat animals, you should support raping kittens (to exaggerate) also? The world is not all black and white, and there is several “degrees” of animal abuse. Just be glad people are doing SOMETHING that helps the world (i.e. staying away from fur products). There’s really a difference in eating and showing something superficial off.
    Whatever, Bryanboy is obviously allowed to do whatever he wants with his blog, but he should expect a discussion like this. Although, him supporting fur, doesn’t change my opinion of him the slightest, though.

  55. lmao you don’t make sense.
    do you know what being “humane” means? it has nothing to do with others’ feelings..
    your entire comment is full of crap, nice try though.

  56. f u seek amy

    you will fall on your face BB. u will see if u treat ur readers and their feedback like this.
    the faster u go up the fastest u’ll fall down!!!!!
    u r horrible!

  57. onlysecond

    i am an omnivore, & personally find fur tacky.
    especially when the wearer lives in a climate such as ours here in the philippines!
    i’m sorry, kahit na isuot mo yan sa lugar with airconditioning, napaka-nouveau tignan.

  58. Huh? LOL!!! You are making my day xD LOL!!! Go figure it out stupid ASH…ole!

  59. No offense but you should read the entry first. The item is just a part of BB’s possible winter getaway outfit plan.
    I personally wouldn’t find wearing fur to be tacky when, as BB said, you’re in a place where it’s freezing outside… and I’m not saying he can’t wear it if it’s not -5c as well, it’s BB, he can wear anything he likes…like he hasn’t yet. xD
    Just wish I could ^^
    (nouveau means new, right?)

  60. Animals for some people are the same as the Jews were for the Nazis. First they take everything of them and afterwards they kill’em without any right… BUT on the other hand almost every fur-hater/fur-wearing-people-hater/vegetarian/peta-lover/pamelaanderson/wuteva wears leathershoes or stuff like that. It’s a very delicate theme to talk about… Innit? I hope my comment isn’t THAT political (althought I don’t believe that on are any Nazis or stuff/shit like taht…. gaytopia^^)(and my comment is too late, sorry…)
    I don’t liek fur but I <3 Bryanboy ;)

  61. AND, If you cahnge the postions of the letters “fur” and replace the R with an O you’ll get “UFO”! That’s scary O.O

  62. Do what you want but the fact the fur is cheap makes me think the animals probably weren’t given much respect while alive. The chinese are the worst for fur.
    Im all for fur IF you can afford the good stuff and its fabulous…but if its cheap and nasty-why bother?

  63. First of all I wanted to tell you BB that I really enjoy your blog! John you make a great point! I am a vegatarian and I do not wear or own any fur. This is a personal, moral and ethical choice I have made for myself and I dont expect you or anyone else to live the same as I. I just hope you understand why this is a passionate topic for many people and acknowledge different points of view. Best!

  64. There are a plethora of animal derived products used by humans that presumably these anti-fur protesters would at times employ, either knowingly or unknowingly. If one does not lead an existence completely free of such instances then a hypocritical anti-fur sentiment should be considered completely null and void.

  65. FashionAwareness

    OK fur lovers,especially women and gay men who accept the death of an animal for her own vanity are coldblooded ignorants (anal electro shocks anyone) and not the type serious men wanna screw and take care of.
    Don´t argue also with the warming aspect to justify fur, in times where you step from subway, into overheated department stores, being able to have coffee at every corner, this is a very lame argument.
    If you don´t see it, I recommend you go and try to make a fur coat your own and you will realize that fur doesnt grow on trees.
    Árguing with eating meat to defend fur is far fetched: leather is by-product of animals we usually do eat anyway in at least the western culture group, but I can´t name any restaurant in NYC serving chinchilla or , silver fox, mink or husky. Bon appètit!
    In short: Fur makes you look emnarassingly nouveau riche, snobbish and dumb, as the demonstration of wealth through fur isonly for those who suffered obviously a lack of wealth in their childhood, trying now to balance this with the overly exposure of fur on the expense of innocent animals.
    BrianBoy, your ingnorant attitude in that case sucks and is totally poor and unsexy. You´re such cliché of a gay “guy” courting for attention, don´t get how anyone can hype you at all or reward your work with handbags and oversea-trips. Mad World!

  66. Elemental

    Beware when buying fur from China. The majority of Chinese fur is dog and cat, dyed to appear to be other furs. I suggest you take your fur to a furrier for identification.

  67. I am currently in a visual communications class, and we are studying the uses of visual pathos, logos, and ethos in reading images. I am curious as to what your reaction is to images such as the one found on this website: What are your main emotions? Do you feel this ad is legitimate? Why or why not?
    Thank YOU!

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