Chola Makeup Tutorial [video]

Written By bryanboy

Chola Makeup Tutorial

BEST. MAKEUP. TUTORIAL. EVER! Pat McGrath got nothin on my gurl Gloria. Watch this till the very end. Chongalicious!

My dear reader, keep in mind that you are DEAD to me if you don’t watch this video in its entirety.

That’s all.

PS. She has another tutorial vid — Ganguro — that you shouldn’t miss. Gloria forever!


  1. Fuck! “To get the razor look… you get like 3 gallons of hairspray,
    don’t you even worry about, what is it called, the ozone layers.
    They have at least 50 more layers left for like the earth to
    freeze over and explode…” best laugh ever!

  2. and I thought that I was the only one that used “tough ass puta” lip liner…

  3. Lisa from Cali

    That is so funny. LOL Gloria is mucho cool! I really needed the laugh since it’s been a crazy week. Thanks for posting it BB.

  4. I didn’t like the ending, everything else was AMAZING!! Omg, i love it.

    “If you don’t but it on hella thick, nobody will take you serious in life”


  5. Crazy bitch, she says don’t worry about the Ozone layer. Freaking ugly inside and out.

  6. Ok, I have to apologize my quick judgement, she is Joking about Ozone and…she is cool :o))))

  7. This is one of my favorite videos on youtube!
    “rightttt…HERE! ayyyy ayyyy….”
    have you seen her heidi montag parody of higher?! epic stuff.

  8. Omgah I need to get some of that tough ass puta lip liner haha and to think that I didn’t know that people weren’t taking me seriously becuase my eye liner aint thick enough.

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