China Blue. Do you know how your jeans are made? [watch online]

Written By bryanboy

China Blue

Do you know how your jeans are made? Here’s a little eye-opener documentary for you to watch this weekend.

Click click click!

I couldn’t find part two so let’s skip to part three.

Raise your hand if you DO NOT own ANYthing, not even a single item… whether it’s a fashion item or not, that was made in a factory that violated international labor laws.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



    BB those are too many videos!! Do you really expect us to watch everything?

  2. Raymund

    hi…thanks for the information.. i didn’t watch it all but i got the gist of everything..keep up good work!

  3. why would you, out of all people, post such a report? it’s not like you really care. why don’t you search videos about chinese fur. hypocrite.
    and in case you were trying to prove that everyone (anti-fur squad, etc) is just as bad as you… you failed!

  4. watched it! the whole freaking thing @-) omg i can say we Filipinos are still a bit luckier than them unless… :O

  5. Umm I think what he’s trying to show is that you might as well buy directly from Chinese factories because regardless most products are produced under these hard conditions unless it’s couture. The idea is that you should just buy Chinese fur off of ebay rather than spend more on fendi fur because they may have been very likely produced in the same fashion so you should just open your eyes to the concept rather than pretend that you’re above it.

  6. this video really made me appreciate and value the things i own waaay more than i used to. kawawa naman…

  7. Wow. I watched all the video’s and it makes me feel so grateful for everything I have. Yeah I may not have the latest Alexander Wang bag or a Chanel tweed – but at least I don’t have to work 15+ hr days to earn only $75 a day.
    I work part-time and earn a day what they earn a month.
    The question is – what can we do though? I’m sure similar corrupt situations apply elsewhere around the world.
    Does this mean I need to make my own clothes – but even then, it’s impossible to buy fabric not from China..

  8. It quite sad that business has come to this. They are repeating alot of mistakes that went on during the American Industrial Revolution. If only they followed the standards, there would be no need for ‘competition’ because all workers would be treated equally, and the jobs would be completed.
    But while big profit$ are still the objective of many companies, there tragedies will continue to happen.

  9. The thing you have to realize is that if they weren’t doing this, they would have almost no other choice. They have no college degree. Especially when you’re competing with millions of people, it’s hard to get a job that can actually support you without working extra hard. Of course I feel bad because it’s obviously wrong but there’s really nothing that can be done. Sadly, the economy will fall if there aren’t workers who are pushed to work like this. It’s one of those things that make you realize how f*ed up life is. It makes me realize how lucky I am.

  10. This is why I only buy from labels where I know that the factories are following international labor standards. I ASK about where the factories are and if they have had any labor violations. If you can’t tell me the deets, I AINT BUYIN! The boutique I work at keeps a list of all the factories our different vendors use, and we check to be sure the workers are treated ethically.
    also: this all comes down to the vendors and the consumer – if we refuse to buy things that are made with this sort of labor, it’s that much easier to promote change. I hope the workers rise up!

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