1. i totally LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoees…. :)

    by the way :)
    got the same mobile….
    it’s soooooooo great

  2. Hey bryanboy, i saw you sashaying down collins st with your lady friend just now! was too shy to say hello and ask for a photo tho haha.
    hope you’re having fun in melbourne :)
    (okay i didn’t see the front of you but from the sides and back, i knew it was you!)

  3. RoxyRogue

    Hey Bryanboy!
    I’m in Melbourne and am wishing to see you…. :)
    Will it be too much to ask where you might be tomorrow or whenevah? ;)
    By the way, you are looking sooo thin and famished in that photo! You werq! Lavette! :)

  4. FashionAwareness

    Too bad there is nithin in this big head! fur lovers,especially women and gay men who accept the death of an animal for her own vanity are coldblooded ignorants (anal electro shocks anyone) and not the type serious men wanna screw and take care of.
    Don´t argue also with the warming aspect to justify fur, in times where you step from subway, into overheated department stores, being able to have coffee at every corner, this is a very lame argument.
    If you don´t see it, I recommend you go and try to make a fur coat your own and you will realize that fur doesnt grow on trees.
    Árguing with eating meat to defend fur is far fetched: leather is by-product of animals we usually do eat anyway in at least the western culture group, but I can´t name any restaurant in NYC serving chinchilla or , silver fox, mink or husky. Bon appètit!
    In short: Fur makes you look emnarassingly nouveau riche, snobbish and dumb, as the demonstration of wealth through fur isonly for those who suffered obviously a lack of wealth in their childhood, trying now to balance this with the overly exposure of fur on the expense of innocent animals.
    BrianBoy, your ingnorant attitude in that case sucks and is totally poor and unsexy. You´re such cliché of a gay “guy” courting for attention, don´t get how anyone can hype you at all or reward your work with handbags and oversea-trips. Mad World!

  5. Could you do a cosmetics and skincare post BB? You remember years ago when you posted pics of all your glosses and obagi products? I loved that post and would love an update on what you’re using!!! <3

  6. FashionAwareness,

    Get off of BB’s jock. People have been wearing fur for thousands of years. As long as the animal is killed quickly and humanely as possible I see no problem with it.

    I’m a heterosexual man and I have absolutely no problem with anyone wearing fur and would even wear it myself.

  7. hello BB,
    welcome to melbourne!
    i’m guessing your here for MSFW?
    contact me through my blog if you need someone to show you around. i’ll be at a few of the events during the week so maybe i’ll see you around

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