1. The guy are cute and i like his D&G belt. Of course the answer is YES, WE LOVE B.B.

  2. claro que si… c’est n’est pas une question… of course we love you bryan boy…
    and i’ll take one of him in a size 6… =]

  3. Of course you meant yes or no to Matteo, not whether or not we love you! And of course the answer is YES YES YES! Molto delicioso!

  4. good face but would you really date a guy who dresses like that???

  5. Don’t be fooled – they never come out and they are super vain. Take it from moi, you’re better off with the Scandinavians! I say – HELLZ NO!

  6. teenyweeny

    i dont know bout the belt too BUT YES HE IS YUMMMMMMMMMY…………..

  7. I lolololove ju! ;D
    He does look gay; but whatevs! xD D&G belt! :D

  8. Bryan,
    How are you? i am a new reader to your blog. I read and heard so much stuff about you. Some are bad and some are good. Well, i think your cool. Maybe my answer is YES!

  9. i can’t help but think negative things about his outfit.
    am I alone?

  10. yes. the clothes come off quick anyway. He is the one that has to wear them on the way home in the morning.

  11. Slut4Style

    have you died or something? 5 days is a lifetime in the blogosphere.

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