The Daily Beast's Fashion Blogger Power List

Written By bryanboy

The Daily Beast's Fashion Blogger Power List

The lovely folks over at Tina Brown's The Daily Beast just published their "Fashion Blogger Power List". Your favourite online heavyweights are there: Fashion Toast, The Sartorialist, Style Bubble, and Tommy of Jak and Jil.

The Daily Beast Fashion Blogger Power List

Believe it or not, I often get bewildered every time media outlets, whether online or in print, publish wonderful things about me. I mean come on — I could barely put sentences together and my pictures are of mediocre quality to be a proper, proper 'blogger'. But you know what? For some strange reason, people seem to respond to my crazy formula of being fun, frivolous, spontaneous, carefree, post everything raw as it is, warts and all… it somehow works for me! I guess that's proof enough that the internet is so awesome. You can be a cuckoo kooky character living his dream (such as myself) and still have an audience. 

Oh and this is the nicest thing someone said about me, EVER.

Thank you, thank you so much The Daily Beast!


  1. to be honest bryan, u doin great with your blog.
    i think little less of the “G” stuff will help cause u got some straight guys in hooked to your blog.

    NB. jst sayn no luv lost

  2. lowell

    what i like about your blog is the narcicist in you that doesn’t get me on my you give such a variety of entries to your readers from boys, to sex, to stars, fashion, sports(lol) etc.
    you are even better than the sartorialist.he bores me.

  3. I like you. And I don’t have to nor want to explain myself. =]

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