1. ROFLOL! What a huge banana/phallic symbol in the middle of an outdoor cafe. Bryanboy how ever did you get a hold of this picture?

  2. of course, naman, nagha-halucinate si lolah kung pwede nyang ipasok efforlessly or without really trying hard na hindi sya maeeeeee-scandalize like the famous perfume canister in cebu scandal! vonggah devah! ako mismo, fantasya din sa banana icon!

    so this is my caption!

  3. Haha, this is hilarious! His eyes were so on it, in a “Mmmn… I might do a season on something like that…” XD
    Anyways, HELLO! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! No, I should say I LOVE YOU! You’re funny and I love your little wits! I read the Singapore Style issue on you before, but that was quite some time ago. Can’t believe I chance upon you again. Have fun and rock on, sweety~

  4. I think he’s going to werq some bright yellow camellias and banana brooches into the next resort collection.
    I wonder if I’d still fit into my Slimane if I ate zis banana?….LOL

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