Santogold – Lights Out (TEPR EMO Remix) [video, mp3 download]

Written By bryanboy

Santigold Santogold – Lights Out (TEPR EMO Remix)

You are dead to me if you haven’t seen the latest Dior haute couture show video. My fave track? The TEPR Emo remix of Lights Out by Santogold Santigold. I have it on autoplay now!!

Darlingggggg. Don’t got to worry, you’re locked in tight. Darlingggggg. Don’t got to worry, turn out the lights.

Can’t afford couture? Well, at least you can afford (it’s free, thanks to the internet) to download one of the tracks used at show. Yes, the bit where Michaela, Magdalena, Siri and Sasha werqed it.

Click HERE to download the mp3 file.

Oh and yes, Mr. Dior is watching you.

Santogold Lights Out mp3 download; backstage at Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2009
photo via fashion week daily

You’re welcome.


  1. There’s a new Dior (& Cartier, LV & Prada) duplex in singapore now… care to check it out? :)

  2. You add fashion to my itunes BB, you should really do a music post or have a section devoted to what you’re listening to you have fabulous taste.

  3. thanks super mucho for this. needed it after a (still) shitty day. and for being super funny.

  4. Ugh, I looked for this song for AGES and your blog totally pointed me in the right direction. Bless your ever-fashion-loving soul.

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