Paris Splat!

Written By bryanboy

Paris Splat!

I thought about writing one heck of a tearjerker because it’s such a good story and then I realized it’s not fair to the other party. I don’t want people to vilify him if you know what I mean. Besides, I may lead a semi-public (emphasis on semi) life because of this blog but in the end, we’re still both, especially him, private individuals. So let’s cut this purging session short. 

Click click click!

I confess — the main reason why I went to Paris was not for the shows but for, well, Mr. D who turned out to be Mr. Disaster. The shows were pretty much icing on the cake. In fact, I thought about going to the shows in the VERY last minute. Paris only came to the picture because it’s a great meeting point for me and someone who lives in another part of Europe.

Basically, Mr. Disaster and I only had 2 days to hang out, smack right during menswear fashion week, before he had to go back. So rather than werqing the shows, I chose to spend time with him — a decision I truly, truly regret.

During the day it went well… but come night time, it was a different story. To cut this piece short, let’s just say it got complicated in the end.

There’s much, mucho more into it but I don’t wanna make this post a big song and dance number on me not getting what I want though I must say that I feel as if my efforts were not reciprocated in the way I expected him to do.

You know you’re in very, very fucked up situation and it’s like talking to an insensitive, indifferent brick wall when you’re in tears and someone asks you “why are you crying” and then you reply, “why the fuck do you think I’m crying?”

Some just don’t get it…. maybe it’s a cultural barrier? Who knows.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much either. I *know* we’re treading dangerous waters because we live too far apart… but whatever happened to living in the present and enjoying what’s happening now rather than worrying about tomorrow?

I digress.

As my friend told me, there I was in Paris… my chance to live my dream (which I did, partially, thanks very much) and go to the shows but instead, some bastard fucks me over because he couldn’t live a minute without knowing the hour.

The funniest thing of all is that I fell for this guy back in January because of his text messages. Well guess what… the day AFTER he left Paris, my phone was lost/stolen at Le Queen and a ton of memories from January were there.

Good riddance, perhaps?


So you get heartbroken one day, your phone stolen the next and then you get mugged by two scary men on the third day… well, you know how it goes, bad luck always come in threes.

But you live and you learn.

I must admit though… I couldn’t help but wonder why it ended the way it did. I could only think of two reasons — either a) he’s into me but he’s a coward or b) maybe he’s just not THAT into me. Or maybe it was also my fault because I gave up on him really quick and told him to leave me alone and never contact me back (which I also regret saying).

In any case, it’s all useless and pointless now. Like what I always say, yesterday is a closed book. I’ve moved on.

Meanwhile… this whole thing reinforces my belief that fashion should go first before anything else. 

That’s all.


  1. i am not sure if i would agree this is just sad, when you turn wrinkly and old this someone is the only one you would have that is if the fashion world you once belong to consider you a hot commodity still but what if? would you be wondering is is all worth it? is it really now?

  2. I don’t think you should put fashion before everything, but certainly fashion week, yes. It’s definitely a slippery slope. I remember reading about this when you met him, and it really seemed like he genuinely liked you – so whatever happened in Paris, who knows. It’s not something you could have anticipated.

  3. matthews

    im sorry that you had this heartbroken. And it happened so simultaneously with other horrible things in Paris.
    I think maybe he was just not sure what he really wants, but he likes you much that he agreed to meet in Paris. Everything happens for a reason, I believe though we may not understand the reason is. I hope you move forward…..
    anyway, is he that guy from Denmark, the one you met in China??

  4. kokonot

    if you had the smarts to meet one, you’ll have the goods to meet the next one.
    all you need is patience =)

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for the relationship update Carrie Bradshaw! lol :-)

  6. Love is a bitch.
    Don’t take anything serious,
    cherish family and friends and fuck the rest.
    Also, I ADORE that clip.
    The clothes the clothes!


    OMG, my friends just told me all about you and they’re huge fans (we live in LA)
    Bryan, my name’s Delf, and I’m originally from Manila as well. Girl, I can relate to your story. Before I moved here about 8 years ago, I too had a long-distance love interest, and he lived in San Francisco. I remember that a year after we met during a visit to the US, the first city I decided to try having roots in was SF precisely because of what I thought could have been a special relationship.
    Of course, just like your experience, it only took 1-2 days for me to realize that I had fallen flat on my face — SF splat, as you call it. Now I know:
    1. We Filipinos at heart seem really susceptible to such telenovelic possibilities.
    2. Nonetheless, we are strong and we always carry on
    So just as I am an emerging force in the fitness industry here, you keep shining your light in the fashion and blogging world! I am so rooting for your continued success!!!

  8. warli

    i was actually a bit moved. it’s a shame because it all sounded so exciting when you first wrote about him. i just lived through a similar ordeal. don’t dwell. maintain your dignity. your phone definitely sounds like fate. a spiritual rebirth of sorts. ha, sorry to get hippie on you.keep your head up bryanboy.

  9. it happens..heartbreak is inevitable but its how you learn from the mistakes of evry that makes u wiser for the next..fashn is def a priority but will fashion hold u at night when ur cold or unhappy and love u when u feel the mos insecure dnt think so

  10. chacha88

    o cheer up BB!!!! love is not the most important thing in the world and i am sure u derserve a better one! so just laugh it off and move on!!!!!^^

  11. the last international playgirl

    awww wow, i have such a similar story, its scary. i think almost everyone can understand or has a similar experience. i feel your pain. i really really do. but u got it right, love yourself and invest in yourself! <3 hold ur head up high
    btw, i saw u in person once at the HK Mastercard Luxury Week last year. I was a PR intern there. :) (I think i even have afuzzy picture of u sitting next to miss world at the marc jacbos show.) They made me collect newspaper clippings about you in relation to the fashion week. i didn't know who u were at the time, but i started actually reading the articles i was collecting for them and became curious about this "Bryanboy person" & ever since then i've read your blog.
    now if i ever saw u again, i think i would squeal and whip out my camera asap! missed photo op damn! LOVE YOU!

  12. The Future

    Keep your head up high honey, boys will be boys. There are billions of us out there, we’re all bound to collide with a few that don’t match, and a few others that do.
    Stay strong :)

  13. ‘This is not Paris.. This is Hell’ – 2 Days in Paris. I really think that emotions are heightened when you’re not in your home country. It truly takes something special to last in long distance. Even if things are perfect at the start it may not be so years later. So think of it this way, at least you saw him rear his ugly head early on rather than after you’ve invested a lot of emotional time on him. That’s just my 2 cents!

  14. jippi

    been there done that and wrote a book about it! ha ha ha ha….my god! you dont worry about this little glitch in your life, things like this happen to just about anyone..everyone! I think the problem was not with you because you were willing to rick it, to take the plunge. the problem was with the other party. looking at it from a different perspective, you actually swallowed the poor person with your personality (no pun intended)! you just enjoy the party while it last. like what they all say and if i may borrow this from a celebrity – “play with the wrong ones while waiting for the right one!”

  15. Tristan Santos

    So bizzare!! I totally fell into the same situation as you only a week ago!! I’m coming on holidays to the Philippines soon and would love to meet you!! Hope you’re well! x

  16. Shananana

    OMG… it is Mr. Denmark…. awwwwww…. and you had the sweetest post about him back in January
    i was formerly anti-romantic, non-sentimental, total frigid bitch type screaming drag queen… but now I’m Meg Ryan….. and it’s only a matter time before your heart skips a beat for that Mr _ …. hmmmmm….. wish you the best!

  17. Robert

    this breaks my heart because all throughout my years of reading your blog I’ve always hoped for a post saying that you’d found someone to love that loves you back. I look forward to that post, dear friend!

  18. Iggy Stephens

    I know how this feels. Cheer up!! This guy is not worth it..

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