Pardon. Je suis désolé.

Written By bryanboy

Pardon. Je suis désolé.

Yes I know. I'm currently backblogged big-time. Excuse me as I play catch up. I dislike (hate is a very strong word) reminding people constantly that I'm ***still*** a solo act. You know, a one-man circus/independent operation. People often ask me if I have a manager or an assistant. Why? I don't know. Crazy. In any case, the answer, as some of you already know, is a big, fat NO.

Anyhoo, I'm enjoying a bit of me-me-me time so expect quite a number of blog entries from yours truly over the next few hours. 

Some are new, some are a few days (or perhaps a week or two) old but I'm glad to share bits and pieces of all the good — and horrible — memories I had recently.

Sit tight.


  1. Randall

    I love that vanity / mirrored dressing table. Gorgwah pix too of course

  2. Yoshiko

    I did… I did asked you indeed this time. coz you are one of the bsussiest blogers. Boku no Oshiri o Namete Kudasai~~~ louuuur you!

  3. The title of ur post remind me Madonna in the song “Sorry” from Confessions on a dancefloor.

  4. i never realized that you were actually sexy. i love the vanity mirror shot. and please, do pray tell, why a gorgeous person like you is not using a mac?!

  5. Of all people, I would’ve thought you would have a MacBook. 0_o

  6. :)!

    it’s mars! i’m back in the chicago suburbs! dropped the escorting. now back with my own familia de horreur.

    when did you get the tattoo? woa! you look marvelous.

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