OH SNAP! How to get shot by The Sartorialist

Written By bryanboy

OH SNAP!How to get shot by The Sartorialist

Don’t lie now. I know some of you are very, very very desperate and absolutely gagging to be shot by famed streetstyle photographer The Sartorialist. Well, the hysterical folks over at Refinery29 unveiled the magic formula on how to get your photo taken by Mr. Scott Schuman. They got the formula nailed to the core. It’s *that* easy apparently!

How to get shot by the Sartorialist

Click click click to see the entire flow chart.

How to get shot by the Sartorialist



  1. frankie

    sartorialist lol : we’d once mistaken that chubby midget for an american tourist in paris.
    with his camera, shorts and tainers.

  2. demujin

    very true, just adore his blogs just like yours.
    he’s a die hard thom browne fan thus the roll em make em too short pants

  3. yay for refinery29! so true that the Sartorialist tends to take pictures of people with a certain style…clean cut, a flash of bold color, BIKES.

  4. bluecandyboy

    i read somewhere that the sartorialist will come here in manila this september… if true, then this chart might be helpful.. hahaha!

  5. Are you old, rich and european? ur perfect just the way you are.;. put on a scarf. ur there. lol

  6. whatfashion

    yeah yeah yeah, i have to freaking dress up like it some kind of a special ocassion? how come? Scott’s tired of running around places to spot the right “FASHION” person/people.

    very very silly.

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