Nokia N97 + New Phone Number

Written By bryanboy

Nokia N97 + New Phone Number

I’ve been living off one of them cheap disposable phones for a few weeks now because I couldn’t decide which sort of proper phone I should get — a blackberry, an iphone or a new nokia. Well, the iPhone 3Gs won’t come out for a few more days here in the third world and I’ve been itching for a new phone. After two weeks of deliberation (what deliberation), I bought myself a Nokia N97

Nokia N97

I love my wallpaper! Before you slam me, who else would I put there? YOU? Kate Moss? My mother? Your mother? Think about it.

I’ve spent the past three days customizing EVERYTHING. Changed the wallpaper, ring & text message tones (hence the Anna Wintour set), installed tons of software, email, facebook and twitter apps, uploaded some of my mp3s and videos.

It’s a lot of work but a gurl’s gotta do what she has to do… which is why I haven’t done anything at all last week. Seriously. It took me a huge chunk of time “training” this thing and if some nasty French thief tries to steal my baby away from me (like what they did to my poor e71 in Paris), rest be assured a baby unicorn will die in her sleep.

Now the $64 million question is… am I gonna cover the thing with Swarovski crystals? The answer is no. I don’t want my new baby to be the JonBenet Ramsey of the mobile phone world so no, no Swarovski crystals for me.

My new (public) number is: +63.927.350.7453.

To all my contacts, please pop me a note with your name so I can put you on my address book. I don’t have everyone’s phone numbers on my (old) list.

Also, please disregard my previous 915 cellphone number. I do have a private number but that’s for me, friends and family.



  1. alcoholics anonymous

    you are one narcissistic mother fucker
    and that’s why we love you.

  2. If you wanna manage your contacts etc from your desktop, download Nokia PC Suite.
    Make sure you run backups too just in case.

  3. Oh no…. not nokia :o( Apple Iphone is the coolest and the rest of them are just folowwing and copying.
    Go Apple BBoy… Join us apple ppl :o)

  4. lol
    every slag and their lap dog has a blackberry or an iphone…
    what can i say… i’ve always been a nokia type of gurl

  5. I totally regret not getting this phone! ); I misjudged it’s features and went for something that’s similar to that of an iPhone and now I’ve got a shit battery life.
    Work it bebe!
    Love your updates as always!
    PS. A public phone number!? Nande?

  6. NOKIA is cool as well. Have been using it ever since. Love your N97!!!

  7. argghhh, the iphone waiting….BORING!!
    I had the N96 and it worked FANTASTIC to make videos, take awesome pictures and internet…this one should be better, hopefully I will try it this august..

  8. J’aime beaucoup le N97, mais certains test en line disent que son écran tactile n’est pas aussi réactif que celui de l’iphone.
    Congrats for ur new phone, and i love ur wallpaper!
    I will send u an sms soon.

  9. blah blah blah…features! That phone is a famine of beauty…a famine of beauty honey! I’m starving for beauty! You definitely need to deck that b**** out in some crystals or something!

  10. Oh did you check out Lightinthebox? I found that website on Youtube and I’m tempted to order a Nokia e71 from them – only $109. After shipping it’s almost $130 but still, that’s a pretty damn good deal.

  11. Oh an expalantion finally. I could not – for the life of my Gucci shoes – imagine what the buggery bollocks did you do in the last few days :D

  12. is the n97 good? i played around with it at a nokia store and i was sorta taken back by the “clack” it made when you slide it open. add the less than stellar plastic hinge and i was afraid i’ll break it in a week!

  13. i agree with bta..iphone is the way to go…nokia is so early 90s…:)

  14. LOL. Don’t you get the memo darling. ‘Bitch’ is equivalent to ‘honey’ in gay world!! Loves ya!!

  15. Yeah, if you appreciate genuine design, Apple is the god and the goddess :o) If you don’t mind to go for a sad and sorry copy of the real deal, wait until the rest send out a crappy lookalike :o)
    Same goes with the computers too, as soon as new Apple designs come out, all the new disgusting PCs ( Pieces of Shit ) try to steal the look and the function but only manage to make a bigger loser outa themselves. LONG LIVE REAL DESIGN :oD

  16. Your phone looks absolutely stunning! Its better than I thought it would be, now I understand why you didn’t get a Blackberry.
    Now how can I give you my number in private?

  17. OMFG! Now I’m wishing I chose that instead of the iPhone. D: My iPhone’s being a bitch these days, and that N97 looks really, really nice.
    Loving the wallpaper!

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