Net-a-Porter's Free Shipping Offer (North America Only)

Written By bryanboy

Net-a-Porter's Free Shipping Offer (North America Only)

A gay male friend of mine who lives in Perth, Australia mentioned yesterday night how people in the USA are so lucky when it comes to online shopping because Americans have a wonderful selection when it comes to what's available to them and they often get good deals such as free shipping. So true. I got a mailer yesterday from Net-a-Porter who's offering free shipping on all orders on its North American website.

Net-a-Porter Netaporter free shipping code

That's right. Net-a-Porter is offering free shipping until July 29 so start shopping for your new season looks and exercise that plastic. Too bad I don't live in the US or Canada or else I'd pick up an item or two.

GO! Click HERE to shop Net-a-Porter USA.


  1. I live in the US, but I know that the Internet isn’t truly global if shipping costs are prohibitively high. Thankfully, Avant Gaudy offers free shipping to the US and Canada every day. We’re grateful to our overseas customers, and offer low shipping rates on our experimental vintage fashions shipped internationally.

  2. You should get an address with like UPS in America, it was like 130$ for me for like 3 months in new york city. manhattan.

    and then you can give money to the people in the UPS store and they could probably ship it to you in the phillipines.


  3. OMG im from Perth too! We ARE unlucky in Aus when it comes to online shopping!!! Its sad.

  4. I LOVE Net-a-Porter so thanks for letting us know about this! So dangerous for my wallet though. Have to say how surreal it is that I am posting a comment for your blog and the picture to my right is Marc Jacobs holding that sign “I love you Bryan boy”– I mean, does it get any better? Uh, I don’t think so. Come visit my blog sometime! I would love for you to be my guest blogger anytime!
    DC Fashion Gal

  5. lowell

    i could take the shipping costs ,but again, not the customs fees. it’s just too much.

  6. Net-a-Porter is British though. It’s headquartered in London. Think they have a warehouse in NYC though for North America.

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