Limited-Edition Greens by Bryanboy

Written By bryanboy

Limited-Edition Greens by Bryanboy

While every blogger and their pet chihuahua are coming out with t-shirt lines, I, in coordination with my friend Jamie, have come up with my limited-edition line of gourmet greens. They’re currently being sold at Franprix in Paris. Who knows, perhaps someday when we find a bajillionaire who will toss our salad invest in us, like, oh I dunno, Lapo Elkann, we’ll sell my greens around the world, no?

Bryanboy Salad

Click click click!

Washed and ready to dress. That’s me alright.

That’s all.

Mwah mwah.

Thanks Jamie!


  1. Michael Brambila

    Ok, so theres Balmain hair tracks and BryanBoy salads…Now all I need is Lanvin Coke and i can be the next Hollywood Superstar!! Hahahah, I wanna live in Paris now!!!!

  2. R u serious? i guess u r kidding right cos the pic of u on the salad packaging is badly photoshopped

  3. The last piccie is the most magazine worthy, haha open yer mouth more in pictures BB, it does actually make your face and pose more lively in a fierce way…;p

  4. Samm Mackin

    oh this is too fabulous! way to make salad so uber chic. If only other fabulous fashion personas endorsed food then we could have an entirely chic meal. just think Kate Moss cookies and Anna Wintour champange how fab!

  5. I would have to agree with Beau :) Slightly open your mouth, Bryan. Enough to put a penny between your lips. A trick i read somewhere :)

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