1. Nice smack in the face, just what I needed, thanks for posting, I’m addicted to his videos!

  2. Jovrien

    awww ^____^ and Tyra to Lisa: never dull your shine for somebody else..

  3. Laurent James

    Good video. But “imperfection” in general is so overated. Who doesn’t love perfect? I’m not perfect, you are not perfect, but we try to be. That’s what makes us evolve.
    And on the superficial side, I’m also hairy, I shave everything off, not because I’m insecure about it, but I, myself don’t like it. It doesn’t have anything to do with what people will think of me, (maybe in a way “hairy” comes across as “bad” to me), but I just feel happier shaved. If I ever get wrinkels that bother me, I’ll have it removed or filled up. I understand people that want to accept their flaws, but those people should understand the people that do “cover” their flaws, and they are not totally insecure, they just feel happier with themselves.

  4. This is a really great video, and it is so very true, about how people around you dont recognize the minute problems that bother you, such as acne. I think that we really know this deep down, but we need to be reminded! Thanks for this!

  5. lowell

    he did not show the true insecurity of men. i was waiting for him to take off the boxers.hehe

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