Faces Off

Written By bryanboy

From billboards announcing their ‘projects’ to immigration cards, you know you’re in the third world when you see images of government employees plastered everywhere. This is truly the lowest form of (shameless) self-promotion. I’ve been to several places around the world and this ‘politician’s face everywhere’ sort of thing is prominent in really shitty countries. Like Iraq. Remember a few years ago when they broadcasted videos of the war in Iraq and Saddam’s face is everywhere?

You have to hand it out to these idiots.

And the idiots who support them.

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  1. amahlia

    i know right?1 i arrived in cebu a few days ago and ive seen GMA’s face like 2 thousand times already! when is her term up???

  2. MISMO…from GMA, Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, councilors to Mayors. Billboards, posters, streamers, flyers, ambulance……

  3. Gabrielle

    This has nothing to do with fashion.
    It’s not really nice how every time you blog about the Philippines you always have something negative to say. Why don’t you actually show the good side of the Philippines. Or even say something good about it. I feel like your not comfortable with the fact that you were born in a third world country and not Europe. It really shows on how you blog about them. But if you embrace the fact that you were born there, and are proud of it, it will make you more interesting. It’s all about being yourself.
    It’s so obvious that you had nothing to blog about that you rant on about something that doesn’t really matter.
    sorry it was my day off.

  4. instead of bitching and complaining about how crappy the philippines is why don’t you go do something about it?? you have the means to help out…you like fashion so why don’t you use that passion to help people in need. maybe have a clothing/shoe drive or auction off some of your designer stuff you don’t use and use the money to help people out??

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