Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009 2010 Video

Written By bryanboy

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009 2010 Video

The video is out. As always, leave it to the House of Dior to put on a magical couture show. Everything is just perfect — the clothes, the intimate set, the amazing music and of course, models with bone-chilling, 102% pure couture poses that ooze ‘high fashion’.

As a child, I grew up thinking Dior is the pinnacle of haute couture. This was before I knew about all the other (and older) couture houses. Of course I now know better but Dior (and John Galliano) to me is very special. Would I be able to go to a Dior haute couture show in the near future? I don’t know. Will you, or some fashion angel, help me go to Dior couture someday? I hope so. In any case, I have a long way to go and I still need to pay my dues to the fashion gods. Either that, or, I need to win the lottery. Then I’ll spend it all on a spectacular Dior ball gown which I’ll wear on my deathbed when I’m 80 years old so my grandchildren would be able to say to everyone “Bryanboy died in Dior couture.”

Click click click for parts 2 (which is my absolute fave) & 3 of the video.


The first track they used on part 2 is “Lights Out” by Santogold, TEPR Emo Remix. You’re welcome!

So tell me, who WERQED the best?


  1. Good entry. I also wish I could afford haute couture (sigh) – I’ll just have to dream until then. Not sure if I was really into the exposed undergarments for a Dior winter collection, think how cold you would get!

  2. lalala

    In the first video, is that Iekeline after Caroline Trentini?

  3. jayzeetee

    a jaw dropping WOOOOW! john galliano must have sold out his soul to satan for his talent! i do love that guy! domo arigato bb for this post!

  4. madison

    omg i swear to god i’ll dig ur dead body out of the ground and steal ur couture! j’adore dior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cheyne

    Third video, about 2:15 in. She fucking WERQUED. Not to mention that gown was amazing.

  6. i love in Dior 2009 couture!!
    i love every dress, i want all about this!!
    John Galliano is damning great

  7. Moulin Rouge + Debutant Ball… I liked quite a few things it just didn’t seem as magical as couture usually does.

  8. lowell

    i thought you’ll be buried in chanel?

    i go for givenchy!!riccardo’s clothes are amazingggggg!!

  9. Jovrien

    Natasha Poly werqed best.. at 1:20 she’s orgasmic! the best *walker in the world! she should’ve closed the F/W couture instead of Georgina.

  10. i agree with jake! i love john galliano and this show is amazing, but so many of the pieces looked…dare i say it…ready to wear!

  11. My partner and I covered the 08 couture spring show and it was amazing. The one with LEDZEPPLIN playing and the huge over the top outfits.

  12. Is it just me, or did Tanya look like she was about to tumble down those stairs?
    Once again, Galliano proves he’s God.

  13. There’s been a lotta talk on how the fall couture season this year has been weak. Which is understandable (especially with the economic collapse).
    At first, I was a put dissapointed with Dior’s couture this season (I always seemingly compare it to Dior’s spring/summer 07), but the more I watch it, the more I love it. There’s a definite 1990’s + 1940/50’s Dior couture + borderline kistche/tacky quality to it.
    Great entry and thanks for the song!


    The craftsmanship was incredible but, I hate to say, the teenage models just weren’t up to the task of wearing Dior. What ungainly, inelegant walks they had and they seemed to have no real feel for the New Look and the photos of Avedon and Penn that Galliano clearly had in mind. (Models, stop watching The Hills and go the photography section of your local library and then to the “Model as Muses” exhibition at the Met.) It takes a little more age and a good deal more sophistication that these girls could muster. Where is la bella figura in your casting, John?

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