Bryanboy Loves Holt Renfrew

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy Loves Holt Renfrew

Have you ever had a retail institution pay tribute to you? Believe it or not, I’m still having a hard time digesting it. 

Holt Renfrew fashion bloggers window display - Bryanboy
Holt Renfrew Toronto flagship store

As I previously wrote, Canada’s premiere retailer, the 170-year old Holt Renfrew, is currently celebrating their favourite fashion bloggers through window displays at their stores. I think it’s an incredible gesture (not to mention a very bold move) for Holt Renfrew (or any retailer, really) to do such thing. Unless I’m wrong, it’s the world’s first. I’m truly, madly, deeply happy that the ‘establishment’ recognize us bloggers. It’s such an honor and a privilege to be on their list. Thank you. Thank you so much. Look , I’ve never even been to Canada… but I’m there in spirit! I wish I was in Toronto right now so I could pose near my window but alas, I’m in Tokyo. 

Click click click for more photos!

Holt Renfrew fashion bloggers

My reader Melodie took ths shot when she drove along Bloor St. in Toronto…

Holt Renfrew fashion bloggers

while Ernie took these shots of Holt Renfrew in Edmonton.

Holt Renfrew fashion bloggers

Holt Renfrew fashion bloggers

Fellow blogger Tricia Campbell took this cute video.


Again, thank you so much! I love my job, I love my job, I really love my job.


  1. sorry, Calgary Holts windows did not show any signs of you :( (or any bloggers for that matter). but they are in the midst of a huge reno, so that may have something to do with it.

  2. wow… everybody LOVES you BRYANBOY!!! The paper bag…… SO FAB!!

  3. for a Holt Renfrew window display, I was not impressed. it looked like they didn’t spend any time on it. I went past the windows (Vancouver location) a couple of times.. and the “Y” fell off already. I expected way better.

  4. Holt Renfrew Toronto always has great window displays. I completely screamed when I saw that while I walking with my bf. The bf thought I was crazy.


  5. DolceLorenzo

    Even though I read you almost every day, I rarely post, But I had to after I saw this post. Congratulations, Bryanboy! This is really a dream come true and you so deserve it.
    Best wishes of many more fabulosity to come!

  6. Fashion Addict

    OMG, forget Toronto, come to Montreal!!! There is so much more to do, see and experience in Montreal. I saw the Holt Renfrew display here and it looks great, your name is the one we notice the most.

  7. Andie

    Amazeballs! I’m originally from Montreal and recently moved to Norway. I’ve been reading your blog everyday day since ’06. In my norwegian language classes we have a lot of guys and dolls from the Phillip – peens (ooups)and I get outrageously annoyed when they don’t know who you are. Livid really. It’s like not knowing who Barbera or Liza are for americans. Terrible. These are the same women who don’t know what a Birkin is. Imagine, a Filipino that doesn’t know Hermes…..yeah seriously. Canadians love you at the very least, and Holt’s is the best ticket in town brudda.

  8. ysmny

    Ive seen yours in Montreal right next to the main entrance!

  9. tres tres chic and muy estupendo Bryan, Roitfeld must see your glittery sweatt in Paris and pick you up fer French Vogue already…

  10. Wow! that’s incredibly sick!
    indeed such a lovely gesture, i’m truly happy for you :)

  11. celine

    holy crap – i remember reading this blog way back when you were just a just a guurl with a penchant for having your maid take paparazzi pictures at jollibee! congrads!!!

  12. Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

  13. Brandon

    are you fucking serious you’ve never been to canada?

    i guess there isn’t much of a fashion life here… :[

    you should go to toronto, many super gays!

  14. Artemisia999

    Holt Renfrew Ottawa (Canada) also has a fabulous window of your blog. I SQUEALED when I saw it. LOVE IT!!

  15. jealous girl


    but I’m happy for you..

    but still..Holt Renfrew?!?!?!?!


  16. It was exciting to see your window display especially that they only had four of them here in Edmonton.
    Sikat ka na talaga!

  17. i live so close to this store (toronto) and i always adore the windows when i walk by..and i couldnt believe when i saw this window! big congrats!!

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