Beyonce – Sweet Dreams Official Music Video [video, lyrics]

Written By bryanboy

Beyonce – Sweet Dreams Official Music Video

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT THIS SECOND. STOP EVERYTHING! Bionic Beyonce is back and gurl has a new music video: Sweet Dreams.

Thierry Mugler and Gareth Pugh werq!!!

Beyonce Sweet Dreams Official Music Video

thanks andrew for the updated video!

Sing after me…

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I, don’t
wanna wake up from you. Sweet dream or beautiful nightmare. Somebody
pinch me, your love’s too good to be true.

My guilty pleasure I ain’t goin nowhere… baby as long as you’re here, I’ll be floating on air cause you’re my. You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I, don’t wanna wake up from you.

First one to identify all of her frocks shall win a kiss on the cheek from me and an oreo cookie.


  1. “and gurl has a new music video…thierry mugler and gareth pugh werq”

    b, you are sweating so much glitter right now…and you know i love it!

  2. I don’t think she’s born to wear such clothes… I liked her much more, back in the day when she was herself…

  3. Chunky girls/guys are not for me, and nothing looks good on a chunky body. Sorry, not even the coolest clothing makes the chunk look good. But hey, that is just me.

  4. gilbert

    girl this is one of the most touching and right on point music video> job well done. and not to say least the clothing is amazing


    The song is titled “beautiful nightmare”, not “sweet dreams”

  6. mickey uk

    bta dont fully agreee with what you said but you r right it dont look good on her and sasha fierce is getting old =(

  7. Why does Beyonce always sound the same? I mean, I like her and all but I wish she would get a new sound or something. But, on second thought, if I was in her position, and people were crazy buying my cd’s, I guess I wouldn’t change, either. I kinda enjoyed the video though. The outfit changes were killer!

  8. sadly. the video is edited so badly that the clothes are not shown in the best light. Cmon BB, your Windows Media Maker skills are better than who ever that edited that video. LOL. My money is on Matthew Knowles. Recession much?

  9. fuck i can not read the video in my town
    the vid is not available in france this is so fucking unfair

  10. fuck beyonce
    how about she trys to come up with something more creative then ripping off another artist. its one thing to support a fellow artist its an entirely different thing to completely rip him/her off. gareth pughs video was brilliant, and this bitch that it would be cool to just steal the concept, and do a shitty job at that? dont get me wrong homegirl can sing, but that was NOT COOL

  11. The gown she wears at the second verse is House of Dereon. Check d website, u’l see it.

  12. Lady Gaga wore that same Thierry Mugler piece in her ‘Paparazzi’ video! Ohhh snap!

  13. OMG Bryan Kanye Dissed Taylor Swift on VMA and to top it all up lady gaga showed up in a scarier than CHER outfit!

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