Yesterday Afternoon

Written By bryanboy

Yesterday Afternoon

Here's what I did yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, I was made to sign a confidentiality agreement. I'm gonna have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to the tune of 6 million pesoses (approx. US$130,000) if I squeal anything so my lips are sealed.

I guess you'll find out in a few months. Oooh the hilarity!

As for the rest of the night, let's just say I passed out in the car, got home at 4AM and woke up at 10AM today with a massive hangover. I haven't had a night out in months — I was supposed to be home by 10PM — but I had so much fun. Thanks to all of you! :-)

PS. OMFG I saw Jolina!


  1. No way.Were u a guest judge on PR Philippines? :O
    that’s awesome :)
    (maybe i’m wrong but form the set i think so)

  2. shayne jean

    hala ka BB buking ka na!magbabayad ka tlga ng 6 million pesos!!!hahahahahah
    Project Runway!!!!

  3. BB!! I always forget you have a Birkin – well, actually, don’t you have two of them? What’s the story behind them? I know JPG didn’t pull a Marc and send you a runway prototype (it’s still unbelievable).

  4. I’d rather see you host it. LOL. That would be fab! :) Just don’t say, “ingat” when you eliminate someone. I wanna hear, “Your design was horrendous. Baboosh!”

  5. yeheey! hope it’s project runway….season one pa lang…i commented you should’ve been a judge.

  6. It’d be so refreshing if you did Project Runway though, by the way BB how come yer not doing any updates on Phil. Fashion Week?..

  7. That would be awesome if it was PR Philippines. I’d totally tune in just to watch you work. :)

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