The Cobrasnake

I totally missed out on The Cobrasnake when he visited Manila last month because of the rains and the horrendous traffic. But to be honest with you, I wasn’t at all worried about NOT joining the crowds because I knew I’m gonna see him here in Munich. That’s exactly what we did just a few hours ago — we finally got to spend quality time together in our hotel and we hung out in his room for a quick night cap.

The Cobrasnake

Click click click!

I *love* Mark. He’s such a sweet guy. Look at the little something something he gave me.

The Cobrasnake by The Selby

Check out his nails. The gorgeous Aussie model Tallulah Morton painted them.

Mark Hunter aka The Cobrasnake

She painted mine, too. Hah!

Orange nails by Tallulah Morton

More to follow. It’s gonna be a good day today. :-)