Stefano Gabbana

Baby, we're not in Manila anymore . I kid you not when I say there are times when I want to smack myself on the face to see whether I'm awake or dreaming. Guess who recognized me from my infamous camel picture…

Stefano Gabbana

Unfortunately my dear readers, I don't remember the EXACT words we exchanged but it went something like this –

"And where do you live?"
"You've come a long way!"
"Yeahhh!!! Thank you so much for having me here!"
"I know you. I have seen your photo. So you're the one in the camel!"

Not only Stefano Gabbana is good-looking, he's also super nice in real life and he definitely made me feel comfortable. J'adore!! OMG ang gwapo niya tumitili ang pek pek ko.

It's times like this that I want to scream to the entire world that I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

Thank YOU so much to the wonderful and folks over at Dolce & Gabbana and Swide who took really good care of me and made everything possible. They even gave me a (very) quick tour of Metropol! I'll definitely cherish these moments! And yes, I would be love to join you guys again next season — womenswear!

Enough gushing… I have to work! More pictures, stories and backstage goodies from the show coming up.

By the meantime, check me out backstage at D&G Spring/Summer 2010.