Stefano Gabbana

Written By bryanboy

Stefano Gabbana

Baby, we're not in Manila anymore . I kid you not when I say there are times when I want to smack myself on the face to see whether I'm awake or dreaming. Guess who recognized me from my infamous camel picture…

Stefano Gabbana

Unfortunately my dear readers, I don't remember the EXACT words we exchanged but it went something like this —

"And where do you live?"
"You've come a long way!"
"Yeahhh!!! Thank you so much for having me here!"
"I know you. I have seen your photo. So you're the one in the camel!"

Not only Stefano Gabbana is good-looking, he's also super nice in real life and he definitely made me feel comfortable. J'adore!! OMG ang gwapo niya tumitili ang pek pek ko.

It's times like this that I want to scream to the entire world that I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

Thank YOU so much to the wonderful and folks over at Dolce & Gabbana and Swide who took really good care of me and made everything possible. They even gave me a (very) quick tour of Metropol! I'll definitely cherish these moments! And yes, I would be love to join you guys again next season — womenswear!

Enough gushing… I have to work! More pictures, stories and backstage goodies from the show coming up.

By the meantime, check me out backstage at D&G Spring/Summer 2010.


  1. oh! brilliant! what an excellent experience, and the photo of you two is lovely!
    i *love* the one of you on the camel.

  2. chakebelles

    haha tumitili ng bonggang bongga ang pekpek mo! makalaglag panty si papi Stefano

  3. Karen S.

    Who doesn’t love that camel shot? I think it’s one of your best photos. It’s very you.
    Good job in meeting Mr. Gabbana. You’re so lucky!

  4. I love love the camel photo, every time i look at it it makes me smile:) I’m soooo happy for you bryan and i wish you all the best ♥♥♥:)

  5. lowell

    the question is, where is domenico dolce? did he snob you gurl? anyway who cares about him, stefano is hotter,hehe.
    bakit di ka nagsmile?

  6. OMFG, you’re the Goddess, you’ve already seen so many gorgeous man including GABBANA.. I wish I had your job!

  7. brandon

    wow lucky you
    my heart would stop
    Stefano Gabbana

    ahhh….. :]

  8. teepsee

    You’re living the dream BB.
    Would love to be in your shoes even for a day. Hehe.

  9. Erroll

    I was dreaming of the time i could do my own exit on the runway. fabulous bryanboy!

  10. F*BLEEP*!
    Good one Bryan. ^__^
    Another feather on your already feathery cap!
    Continue living life! :)

  11. Major LOL IRL sa tumitili ang pek pek. You are just so random BB

  12. hahaha i cannot believe he remembered you from that photo with the camel, that’s hilarious!

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