One for the Road

Written By bryanboy

One for the Road

Spent the whole day running errands around town. Can you see me on cam?

Click click click!

J’adore these Chupa Chups! Sucking does not kill.

Chupa Chups

Fuck the rain… I took my new babies out for a spin.

Lanvin sneakers

I also stopped by McDonald’s — chicken nuggets, double cheeseburger deluxe, large fries, large coke float.


The cellphone pics have got to stop, I know. I need to get a new camera because I’m sick of my Canon G9. I don’t know how you people live, especially the ones who use DSLR cameras. They’re bulky/heavy to carry around.

Time to catch up with work online. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday. It feels like Monday for some reason.


  1. stefanie

    Your Lanvins are looking good! I saw the pink ones a few months ago, with the grey ribbon, too bad they weren’t my size nor price range :p

  2. jams!

    OMG!!!!! I really do wish I have more money for those Lanvin!!! sweeettt!!!! ;D

  3. mommy

    Hi bb, i recommend panasonic LX3….handy SLR quality. btw, love your shoes.

  4. william

    BB, I sincerely hope to have lunch with you one day. Looks like we eat the same, absurd amount of food.


    From your pics and whining I gather you are not of the heterosexual persuasion.

  6. janna

    i suggest you get canon sx110is. better zoom than g10 and lightweight. ;)

  7. I’m addicted to those Chupa Chups too! And those Lanvin shoes are love.

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