Munich at Night

Written By bryanboy

After a long-ass flight to Amsterdam, I’m here in Munich, Germany and I love, love, love this beautiful city. It’s sooo clean and I kid you not when I say most of the youth are blonde!18062009846.jpg


  1. Hi BB. Enjoy your trip. SOsyal talaga. Invited not just to an ordinary event but to Germany at that.

  2. shayne jean

    have fun in Bavaria BB!! i am 1 hr away from Munich and i love the place..Maybe you could visit hofbräuhaus in Marienplatz to experience real Bavaria!

  3. Pandar

    Yes, we are all blonde and wearing leather trouser :) Thx for this cliché!

  4. yeaa it might seem like there are a lot of blonde germans, but in fact most aren’t naturalblond ;) i’m one of the natural blond GERMANS :D yeey!
    hope you have a nice stay in our tiny country.

  5. Brandon

    you don’t find it a little disturbing that all the non blondes were killed?

  6. Oh, I know that SEX-Shop ;) It’s right next to Kleidermarkt, an awsome second-hand-store! YAY! I’m so sad I couldn’t be at the Absolut Party, I would have loved it 2 meet U!

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