Mugged in Paris.

It's 6:30AM here in Paris. I just got back at the apartment after spending 2 hours at the French police station. I was mugged and had to file a complaint. I went out at around 4AM to take cash from the atm to pay for my cab fare to the airport later and to try to find a place where to get cigarettes but these 2 guys followed me and asked me to hand over my Chanel bag. To be honest with you, I wasn't worried about the bag, cash or what have you. My only concern is that the bag has the keys to the apartment. I have a flight in a few hours and I haven't packed yet!

To cut the story short, right after I got mugged, I went to the payphone and called the French police — hello, I already had my phone stolen a few days ago. Within seconds, I kid you not, 2 cop cars with 8 or 9 policemen went to the payphone where I'm at. I was crying etc.

One of them asked me what the thieveslook like so I said there's 2 guys, blah blah blah. They told me to get inside the car really quick and they drove around the streets really fast. I wasn't sure what was going on until I saw the 2 guys who mugged me walk down the street so I told the cops that's them!

They were able to recover my Chanel bag, keys, etc. The had to keep the cash though as evidence until the judge does something this afternoon but alas, I'll be gone. I'll just ask a friend to get the cash.

Anyway, I'm fine now. I'm safe, alive, and I'm alright. I lost a few things but they are irrelevant. The two guys are in the hands of the police, hopefully the judge will do something about it. 

It's amazing how efficient French police are. Seriously. They searched the streets for my keys… I'm totally impressed. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

PS. OMG I know this isn't appropriate to say but jesus fuck, some of the police officers were GAWWWWWJUS!

PPSS. Ok ok I better get going. I'll pack my stuff now. It's Tokyo time!!!