Mugged in Paris.

Written By bryanboy

Mugged in Paris.

It's 6:30AM here in Paris. I just got back at the apartment after spending 2 hours at the French police station. I was mugged and had to file a complaint. I went out at around 4AM to take cash from the atm to pay for my cab fare to the airport later and to try to find a place where to get cigarettes but these 2 guys followed me and asked me to hand over my Chanel bag. To be honest with you, I wasn't worried about the bag, cash or what have you. My only concern is that the bag has the keys to the apartment. I have a flight in a few hours and I haven't packed yet!

To cut the story short, right after I got mugged, I went to the payphone and called the French police — hello, I already had my phone stolen a few days ago. Within seconds, I kid you not, 2 cop cars with 8 or 9 policemen went to the payphone where I'm at. I was crying etc.

One of them asked me what the thieveslook like so I said there's 2 guys, blah blah blah. They told me to get inside the car really quick and they drove around the streets really fast. I wasn't sure what was going on until I saw the 2 guys who mugged me walk down the street so I told the cops that's them!

They were able to recover my Chanel bag, keys, etc. The had to keep the cash though as evidence until the judge does something this afternoon but alas, I'll be gone. I'll just ask a friend to get the cash.

Anyway, I'm fine now. I'm safe, alive, and I'm alright. I lost a few things but they are irrelevant. The two guys are in the hands of the police, hopefully the judge will do something about it. 

It's amazing how efficient French police are. Seriously. They searched the streets for my keys… I'm totally impressed. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

PS. OMG I know this isn't appropriate to say but jesus fuck, some of the police officers were GAWWWWWJUS!

PPSS. Ok ok I better get going. I'll pack my stuff now. It's Tokyo time!!!


  1. tpfroo

    I’m glad you’re ok bryan. Similar thing happened to me once. I sent you a twitter message about it. — tpfRoo

  2. I know it’s sooooo wrong to ask you this but you didnt take any picture with those hawt coppers?

  3. Quelle innocence de sortir à 4h du matin avec un Sac Chanel à la main pour sortir du cash : il y a un dieu pour les fashionistas…

  4. leanjhuls

    Good thing you’re in France when you got mugged. They will help you without helping themselves first, unlike here in the flips if you know what I mean.
    On a lighter side, how gorgeous those Policemen are? Porn gorgeous?


    Wow. Efficient and committed enough to search for your keys, and hot. Great that you got your stuff back!!

  6. That’s what you call ultimate experience with gooorgeous policemen in action! :o) Glad you got your stuff back in PARIS and you didn’t have to speak “pointing fingers” on what happened.

  7. lanvinray

    Bryan! I’m glad you’re OK, still alive and blogging! ^^ That was scary I bet. Thank goodness French policemen are very efficient and different from here! God Bless!!! Have a safe trip back home :D

  8. You’ve had some CRAZY experiences as of late! Glad to hear you’re okay and got your stuff back…I would’ve either completely freaked out or tried to cutabitch.

  9. The world is a truely fucked up place. It’s disgusting that we can’t even walk down the street without having to worry about people harming us or stealing from us.

    I hope you’re okay. Although it may not seem like it, you were very lucky. They could have done way worse to you.


  10. w-o-w how aweful… thank god youre ok now.
    and im really sorry for your phone :( bad luck i guess… but as long as youre alright and safe nothing material matters

  11. OMG! Ur story is just unbelievable! I’m happy that u’re fine. Take care of u BBoy.

  12. Paris is indeed one of the most dangerous cities, I’ve visited in the world. I too got mugged when I was there. I would say it is even more dangerous than Manila. Take care.

  13. lowell

    do you speak french gurl? parang ako yung nahirapan sa situation mo. san ka pa sa paris ka nagkaganyan at hindi dito sa pilipinas.weird.hehe
    take care next time and don’t wear chanel when you’re out.

  14. glad you’re safe dear! and your Chanel…
    and that is pretty amazing how they found the guys by driving around! awesome.

  15. shit Bryan, I should have stayed an extra night to make sure you would be alright
    You got the deposit back ok ?

  16. Sorry you got mugged in Paris. My wife just got back from there recently and was telling how dodgy parts of it can be. I really didn’t think much of myself having lived in two megalopolises of +55 million people each. I just see it as par for the course.

    My first years in Los Angeles had me getting burgled once and mugged twice. I got wise after that and developed eyes in the back of my head and a mean swing with a hard-shelled briefcase. I had no more problems after that! ;)

  17. bluecandyboy

    i agree!!! arent there any pics of the haute french boys in uniform??? yummmm!!!

  18. Oh man! That’s so frightening.
    I would have been in tears as well.
    Glad you’re alright.

  19. Lisa From Cali

    BB, I’m just glad you are OK. Kudos to the police. I have been enjoying your fun times and adventures in Europe and would hate to think this would mar your overall experience there. Come home safely.

  20. Oh, horrible day,,,.
    Paris has a chic beautiful world with fashion and art scenes but at the same time does very darkness side.
    The difference between them is like the heaven and the hell.
    People have experienced them at the same time, although.
    Finally, it’s really good that you are alive.
    This is just priceless;)

  21. Glad you are ok Bryan, I thought although scary and horrible it was a wonderful story. So glad to know there are police out there willing to go the extra mile (and that they are hot)

    Take care xxxxxxx

  22. sandie

    Be careful next time. You should be in bed at 4PM, lol.
    Take care and I’m glad you’re fine and that you got your items returned.

  23. oh wow as I was reading your entry, I never imagined that you would ever get your stuff back.

  24. amazing story, but you left out one detail: did you get mugged in French or in English?

  25. wow, you are extremely lucky and I’m sooooo glad you are safe. I remember the french police being quite good …. and alas Chanel bag recovered!!!!!
    That’s a scare. I got mugged several times in Brazil (no surprises there) but the police there can’t be counted on, you just need to accept the fact your stuff is gone and move on.
    I’m also impressed with your attitude towards the whole thing though, because that’s the right attitude… it doesn’t matter if they take you Chanel…. you can always get a new one! ;D
    For the Sake of Fashion

  26. Hi Bryan boy! Thank goodness your are alive and well. That was some scary night in Paris. So happy that you got your things back too.
    I’ve just seen you modeling Mich Dulce’s bow tent dress from Not Just a Label e-shop! Great work! I blogged a lil about it.
    Take care.

  27. Hi BB! I’m glad you’re all safe and sound right now, and that’s the most important thing right now. You’re experience there in Paris was no different here in Manila, it’s just that the French police are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY better than these beer-sucking police here in Manila. Thank God you’re safe … hope to hear from you soon :)

  28. Glad you’re safe and sound!
    French cops are indeed impressive and I bet that they were as you say…gawjusss! =D

  29. I’m glad the French police were so quick and efficient in helping you and catching the thieves.


    It’s very common in Paris to get mugged esp for tourists Perhaps you should try to look a little less TOURISTy sad…

  31. Francesca

    first comment eva’
    it’s horrid the experience u’d to go through. paris just notorious for that. i’m really glad that u alright – i’m so relieve too that u could retrieve ur belongings.
    be safe on ur next trip BB


    Sorry for the my first comment.
    I was so sleepy but
    I am just glad you are okay!!
    You are gorgeous than the cops and the

  33. Now that is a story that Sonny never told me. Glad you got it all back and happy to hear that the police were so efficient. xxxDiane

  34. chacha88

    that’s so scary!!!! anyway, so happy to know that u are now safe and u have got all your things back, especially your chanel bag!!! hehe^^

  35. omggggg!!!! sorry i am very late to reply but i have the same experience in Paris in Nov 2008. I got mugged by group of French teenage gangsters at the train in north of Paris after my exhibition setup, I reported to the officer of the train station, then some cops took me to the police station nearby. But i am not lucky as you to find back my bag, I lost everything there, including my passport, cash, hotel key, mobile, etc which made me worry to hell at that moment, I almost lost my mind.
    that’s my 1st day to Paris, and i needed to stay there for a week, in that week i went to the embassy of my country few times, sure i could get back to my country as planned.
    I also found some cops at the police station are gorgeous, and they can speak ENGLISH because I dunno any French, they are my GOD at that moment, they are very nice, handsome, even offer to lend me $$ to get back to my hotel…

  36. omg, sorry I am very late to reply one of you old old old blog. but I have the same experience in Paris and I do wanna share with you.
    I was not lucky as you, I did lose my bag, and I had everything there incl. my wallet, mobile, passport, hotel key and stuff. I mugged by a group of teenage gangsters at the train in the north of Paris after my exhibition setup. Then I reported to the station officers, and some cops picked me up to the police station nearby.
    I went CRAZY at that moment cuz I dunno any French and lost everything, but the cop is so nice and he can speak ENGLISH, he saved me!!!
    That was my 1st day to Paris and I needed to stay for a week, during that crazy week, I went to the embassy of my country several times and sure I could get back to my country as planned. thank god!!
    The cops at the police station are really goodlooking and gorgeous, they looks good in uniform and very gentle and helpful. But when I asked him to amend sthg. on the declaration report, he easy to get annoyed & reject my request. I clearly understand French after get mugged.

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