Lyle Lodwick

Written By bryanboy

Lyle Lodwick

Ladies and gays, meet my fave new male model. His name is Lyle Lodwick.

Lyle Lodwick

Click click click!

This guy really worked backstage (after the show) like a pro. A few of the models left while the ones who stayed just stood there, chatting to each other over free champagne but Lyle oh Lyle, he always posed for the cameras… and he also took tons of pictures for his OWN camera.

Lyle Lodwick

Lyle Lodwick

Lyle Lodwick at Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Menswear Milan

Lyle Lodwick at Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Menswear Milan

What truly impressed me the most is that he took time to wait for Christopher to finish his post-show interviews just for him to say thanks etc etc etc. I thought that was sweet.

And he’s sooooo cutttte!

* runway photos via catwalking


  1. wow isnt he the bro of Jakob Lodwick? the cofounder of Vimeo and CollegeHumor…!

  2. how much are these male models paid? 10K Euros per show? what’s the going rate?

  3. They said in Make Me A Super Model one show basic rate for male models $2500.

  4. i dressed him for a show once .. no names ..
    overall GREAT experience (it usually is with MALE models ha)
    he was soo nice and sweet and FUN !
    and he was impressed with how calm and collected i was .
    we made a good team ;-)

  5. Mark cabrera

    More Power Bryan boy!I really liked this site a lot…You bring inspiration to all Filipinos…keep it up!

  6. i just want to know,when will sell out your old bag.i mean your old stuff like bags,jackets,shoes..etc.hehe

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