Lusso Restaurant Greenbelt 5

Written By bryanboy

Lusso Restaurant Greenbelt 5

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who always go to the same ‘tried, tested and trusted’ restaurants every time I eat out. It’s not unusual for me to have gone to a place like 10 or more times. I know it’s not good and I’m trying to change that. 

Lusso restaurant, Greenbelt 5

Click click click!

A friend from Melbourne is visiting me and I thought it would be cool to take him out for a quick bite. I’ve been reading a lot online about Lusso, Margarita Fores’ new restaurant at Greenbelt 5.

We weren’t THAT hungry so we both ordered the beautiful salmon and shared a bottle of white wine.

The restaurant itself is so chic; the service is immaculate. Even my Aussie friend was impressed.

I’d love to visit Lusso again, during the day, perhaps lunch. I’ll take better (and more) photos.

Lusso is located at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City. It’s right beside the Balenciaga accessories store. For reservations, call +63.2.756.5893.



  1. try the pot de creme chocolat and the fragola(strawberry) in the shooter glass. Really good!

  2. was there the other night, food was so-so..nothing new acually so i was disappointed. and we went to terrace at 5th..same thing….i wonder when are we going to have new restos with new design concepts that includes new concepts in food as well…..

  3. lowell

    did you know that ‘luso” is a visayan slang for dick? thought you’d like to you know why you’d like to frequent
    never gone there, but i always pass by that area window shopping at balenciaga.the interior is really cool.jollibee wins for me.hehe

  4. Meigata Sarumbati

    This is sad you guys! Don’t you know Lusso is one of Margarita Fores'(famed restaurateur) owned restaurant and I bet it kicks ass even though I haven’t tried dining at Lusso..

  5. superoxy

    lusso is an Italian word that means luxury…n this restaurant’s menu is fantastic.their burger with foi gras is a seller.

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