Luisa Via Roma Pre-Summer Sale 2009

Written By bryanboy

Luisa Via Roma Pre-Summer Sale 2009

Just got this e-flyer via email and thought I’d share it to you. Good things happen to those who wait. Luisa Via Roma’s on sale with spring/summer 2009 merchandise at 30-50% off!

There’s TONS of cool things for everyone. See by Chloe tees are now around US$50, men’s Lanvin sneakers are like US$200-$400. As for me, I have my eyes on this navy blue Aquascutum trench, priced at US$170. Good deal eh? Go check it out!

Spring Summer 2009 Sale Luisa Via Roma No Promo Code needed

As always, FREE shipping to the US/Canada/Europe by FedEx. If you live elsewhere, like in Asia or Australia, FedEx is free as long as you spend more than 500 euros.

Good luck and happy bargain hunting!

photo credit: luisa via roma


  1. Stephanie Rose Colette

    I got a red Aquascutum trench for $5 at a vintage store. :)

  2. lowell

    i want to buy the lanvin tote but the 50 euro shipping plus customs charges are holding me back. i hate LVR.why do they charge asians. they should charge north americans instead, they are

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