Just Wondering: Which Designer?

Written By bryanboy

Just Wondering: Which Designer?

Here’s a hypothetical question for you lot…

Let’s say your closet exploded leaving you with absolutely nothing. Zero. Nil. Zilch. None. No clothes, no bags and definitely no shoes.

Empty Closet

Which designer or fashion house would you pick to dress you up for LIFE?

You’re only allowed to pick one. I repeat, just one. I mean it. Just one house for clothes, bags, hats, shoes, the whole lot.

Tell me. I want to know.

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  1. Balenciaga baby, i even wan to be burried in it (espacially SS07)

  2. Monaco Girl

    Even though I LOVE expensive designer clothes, shoes and bags, I wouldn’t pick a brand like Prada or Elie Saab. You just can’t wear that stuff everyday, so if I only had to pick one brand who would dress me for free for life, I’d go with ZARA.
    Yes, ZARA!! It’s so easy to look high-fashion with Zara, there’s a lot of choice and their clothes are always wearable and trendy.

  3. Derek D

    Dries Van Noten. I would be happy to be dressed in his clothes, accessories and shoes for the rest of my life. His version of a “world traveller” is just so interesting and refined. Also, you don’t feel too trendy wearing this clothes, you just look beautiful!
    If I was a woman it would be LANVIN-LANVIN-LANVIN! Morning, noon and night! God, I LOVE ALBER!

  4. Sunater

    Definitely Julius! Everything about it is incredibly alluring to me…XD

  5. Chiffre

    Right now, I’ve been intrigued by John Varvatos. Every time I happen to pick something up and say to myself, “Wow, this is wonderful!” it always seems to be Varvatos.
    That, and he designs wonderful boots, which I wear every day; even in the summer.
    Besides all that, his clothes are actually wearable, long-lasting, with quirky and interesting details attached to them.
    Oh, and the fact that he’s Greek is +points for me!

  6. agian

    the shoes, the jewelry, tha bags, the perfumes, the hats, the clothes!
    I’d live the life of that girl in the Miss Dior Cherie commercial!
    Get my couture dress fitted, go around paris in a bicycle, a stop at the pastry shop, trying out the new limited edition dior shades, kiss my lover, and float around paris holding onto a bunch of balloons..
    ahh.. the life of the Dior girl is sweet…

  7. Mimi Tan

    omigoodness hardest question I’ve ever been asked haha
    For life?
    I’d have to say Lanvin!! Man that would be great

  8. surabhic1@gmail.com

    Fendi cuffs, Fendi shoes, Fendi cycle, Fendi baguettes,Fendi menswear, Fendi sunglasses, Fendi luggage, Fendi by Karl, Fendi by Silvia Fendi, Fendi RTW Winter… Fendi paint my own baguette!

  9. Marc Jacobs, men’s clothes, custom fit for my 5’7 110lbs frame.


    well because Karl lagerfeld is my papi chulo in my dreams, i’m picking Chanel even thought i’ve been hating his ready to wear collections lately. plus..the quilted bags with chains, the pears, the belts, the tweed, the glasses, the shoes, the black and white, the gloves…how can i NOT pick Chanel.

  11. stefanie

    ONLY ONE? damn that would be hard! At first I would say Lanvin all day everyday, but that would make a very overdressed student. So at my age now I’d go for Proenza Schouler (except for their last collection, but I’d wear everything else).

  12. As a general rule, I don’t wear anything I can not pronounce.
    So, my answer would be GAP. Classic, comfortable, and dare I say beautiful clothes.

  13. marika

    absolutely ann demeulemeester. she’s been reinterpreting her romantic punk look season after season and everything she does is basically the most luxurious, riveting, subtly chic cut possible.

  14. Michael M.

    Burberry Prorsum. And if I were a woman, LANVIN EVERYDAY ALL DAY!! (of course)

  15. sailor kykke

    jeremy scott


    i love him.

    even when he coppied
    the mickey mouse ears
    pattern from marvin y quetzal.

  16. eleni

    dare i say louis vuitton? pret a porter stuff only though *_*

  17. I’d say Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love the layering aesthetic and how everything can be dressed up or down. Great statement pieces and great staples.

  18. mariel

    ralph lauren. not always a favorite of fashion people, but i have a very classic, preppy style, and with his many diffusion lines it would be easy to find something high-fashion-chic or every day.

  19. The Demigod

    I know it’s not designer, but Banana Republic is the way to go for dudes. Clean lines, no fuss, comfortable, posh enough to sit at a fine-dining restaurant yet real enough to lay by the beach.
    Also, because I giggle a little every time I say “Banana Republic”. Teehee! Can you imagine that, living in a republic of nothing but hot men? *ROFL

  20. Erich

    If is was a woman…
    Since I am a male…
    Lanvin, all the time.

  21. definitely thought it over and would have to say J. Crew…classic, comfortable, sophisticated.. and they have everything from suits to swimwear!

  22. Samm Mackin

    I think I would have to say lanvin their clothes are always perfection and I want to stock my entire closet with their clothes.

  23. Sophie

    BCBG. Love their dresses; sometimes their clothes are too simple for me but that’s just because I have a penchant for costume dressing. <3

  24. I’m gonna have to say Dolce & Gabbana. Solely because they’re always trendy.

  25. Ana P

    lanvin all the way! i have this feeling lanvin is the brand of the moment…people who want to be more unique than noticeable go for lanvin than chanel..

  26. sandra nyc

    i would say alexander wang but it’s a bit too trendy grundge to wear EVERYDAY. i do adore him though
    so i’d say rag & bone. i already have so many clothes from rag & bone, why not my entire closet?

  27. I’m torn between Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford. But for the sake of this discussion, i’ll go for Tom Ford.

  28. Ernskie

    If money is not an issue, it would be Hermès for me since they carry clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, home stuff and a whole lot of other things.

  29. Kathleen

    Probably pretty much everything McQueen. Are you kidding? I would die.
    Fashionably and a walking art piece, that is.

  30. Adam Af

    Am I the only person who LOVES Bottega Veneta ? I could live off of that stuff forever and then some.

  31. plast!c

    I would have a friend of mine to design my own clothes or invite karl or miuccia to do it!

  32. me.yahoo.com/a/_9Fi4q4vyvFFtgm9Z.SuzgOrJ_VatVV2

    ohhh MARIKA, let’s go shopping!!
    ann demeulemeester all year looooong? yes please. the thought makes me tingle. i would start with the spr. 2009 men’s “herman hesse” collection, moth blacks and soft ivory. and fall, those aggressive calvary jackets, paper thin shirts, and knee boots: take me to antwerp.
    these days im a little soft in the middle, so i will definitely need to do some toning. but i will werq for ann, lawd knowze i will child…

  33. As a man, I would chose Philip Lim.
    As a woman, I would chose Chloe.

  34. supremeraj

    well for me, i would choose Luella Bartley :)

    So young and hip :D

  35. james

    although i do miss tom ford i would still have to say gucci!

  36. vicvic

    Dsquared….ITS NOT A CHOICE ITS A MUST cuz if i choose somethin like…. lanvin or stuff like that, only myself would know what it is…. n with DS2 i can look like a fuckin´rockin hip luxury star! alwayssss

  37. william

    I completely agree with the person who said Balenciaga S/S 07; if I could wear one label and one season, that would be it.

  38. Hydra

    Tough one. I’m actually a PRADA freak.I wear like fifty per cent of “PRADA” everyday when I go out most of the time.
    But I have to go with Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Collections.
    Edgy and very Parisian. Aimer! Aimer!
    How about you Bryan? Too obvious to ask?

  39. diorella


  40. Anonymous

    Hard choice between Lanvin Homme and Martin Margiela Men’s but I’m sticking to Margiela.

  41. www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmbsAXBO4v5knVYv9ECC-SQ4TUK_UcHBG4

    Yves Saint Laurenttt ! ;)

  42. TonyTONY TONY

    well i rethought my answer over and over again and i’m changing it to marc jacobs for louis vuitton. call me crazy but yes marc jacobs for louis vuitton. season after season the bags and accessories are GORGEOUS ofcourse and the ready to wear is interesting and gorgeous. ever since ss06 i’ve loved and have wanted to wear every piece from every Louis Vuitton collection. give me any collection from vuitton and i’ll name one item i want from it. plus i love his styling in his shows.

  43. Cheetah Rivera


  44. hmmm Joey Samson, I could say Alexander Mcqueen but seriously his designs are more inspiring rather than appropriately wearable…
    Interesting site BB you got me hooked the 1st time I logged on to it…:D

  45. miggle

    My choice would always and forever be Dior Homme from the good old Hedi Slimane days. In fact, Hedi Slimane can dress me up (in his love) any which way he wants.

  46. Portia

    Vintage Vionnet by Madeleine Vionnet herself. The grecian drapes and the cowl necks.. I’d be overdressed but I don’t care.

  47. Mister_Herringbone

    It may have been previously said: but yes.. oh yes… the refined orgasm by Lanvin. Ooh lah lah!

  48. giggle

    Since i am a male… Dries Van Noten :)
    but if i were a girl… perhaps Chanel

  49. kathy

    Oscar de la renta till death! My fashion choice always! i loove him!

  50. Kaja Elisabeth

    John Galliano for Christian Dior (haute couture of course) without a doubt

  51. For women, Oscar De La Renta or Monique Lhuillier. If you’re stuck with only one designer label, you’ll want them to understand and consider a woman’s body. Also- their clothes are both very chic and elegant.

    But for men, I would have to choose the great fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent. The designs of Stefano Pilati are edgy and young but still mentains its elegance and timelessness.

  52. Marina Cheap and Chic

    Armani. or SM DEPARTMENT STORE. third world baby!!

  53. JANA.

    hello? gucci! there spring/summer show was to die for and that recent 09′ show with all the sequins, ohhh baby. i’m only 14, at least i have taste!

  54. LOWELL

    MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA. i’m just so into him at the moment. i don’t care if look crazy.

  55. Gen Sven

    Easy peasy Japanese:
    Comme des Garçons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. because i’m a guy … ACNE jeans all the way
    If i were a girl … definitely Isabel Marant :)

  57. Ophios

    Rick Owen of course…. more than happy to wear Rick’s leather jackets everyday.

  58. Geri Wu

    only one!? that is a really really hard question… um. zara? its well within budget! but that’s kinda cheating, isn’t it? i mean, they have pretty much everything ><
    xx, Geri

  59. jlo@msn.com

    lanvin for spring summer!! dries van noten for fall winter!!

  60. Bebot

    Versace Homme FTW! If I were a girl probably Karl Lagerfeld, still FTW!

  61. very simple. YSL.
    YSL til death do us apart. now you just reminded me to go get those cage sandals.
    Btw when are you coming to barcelona?

  62. Cj Cruz

    FOR A BLOGGER SUCH AS BB!!!!!its a BEAUTIFULLLL IRONY To SEE U EVERHYTHING M.M.MARGIELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i looooove it :D can u see can u feel it! weluvit!

  63. diorella

    Straight up, John Galliano. (But that definitely has to include his vintage work as well!)

  64. Steven

    nothing but muccia prada.

    Sink me with prada. drown me in prada bags.

  65. rizalyaakub

    D&g OR Dior Homme.. uhhh can’t i just have both? huhu

  66. would love to be a burberry prorsum girl ;) mr bailey is superb!

  67. berhati

    CLUB MONACO!!! seriously, i can wear everything from the store

  68. jimmy

    either helmut lang, dior homme, ermenegilda zegna, any of the antwerp six, raf simons or calvin klein
    i’d probably pick zegna ‘cos i’d want something that’ll age with me

  69. Reisha

    Chanel will take me from 19 to 69. I will live with it, through it.

  70. lanvin3000

    Good choice! (I’m a guy)

    Lanvin then Dries Van Noten then Etro(I know you said one but I couldn’t resist!)

  71. Chiffre

    LOVE Artisan. I have it. I smell it every day, because I spritz my room with it.
    I also love the fact that his fragrances and skincare are manufactured and distributed by Shiseido. Everyone needs Shiseido. Everyone.
    Next to Artisan, Serge Lutens’ ‘Fleur D’Oranger’ comes as a very, very close second (another Shiseido-owned fragrance!)

  72. stephanie rose colette

    haha i was hoping you would say that. I love you bb :)

  73. Ambuklao Ford Fleming

    One of fashion’s few for-real artistic geniuses…
    His collections manifest the wild wanderings of his imagination… and Lady Gaga must be very jealous. VERY JEALOUS!
    Hail to the Queen!

  74. Alexander

    Hermes…Thats an easy answer…I get that question all the time.

  75. Travis

    very hard to choose but if i had to choose just 1 it would be
    Bernhard Willhelm
    B/c i like to stand out and i’m crazy like that.
    ta ta

  76. Eddie

    This is so hard!

    I want to say Lanvin for Men, but it’s not a lifestyle brand so…

    IT’s GUCCI all the way for me.

  77. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang.

  78. Aaron Lozada

    I say, Balenciaga! Loving Balenciaga would be an understatement.

  79. Go ga-ga for Balenciaga

    When I saw this post, I immediately thought “Balenciaga, Balenciaga, just Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere! Womenswear AND menswear!”

  80. Just one fashion house? Wow. Tough.
    I say probably Yohji Yamamoto, coz I always find his designs wearable, comfortable, but never boring. So, Id have tonnes to mix and match even if they’re all mostly BLACK anyway. My only gripe is I wont be able to grow a nice beard to go with all my Yohjis.

  81. Mikaelo

    Hmmmm…one designer or house?
    Well, since i’m not the type who can afford expensive high fashion brands but I still want to look more stylish and fashionable I’d say I would want to splurge my money on D&G, Dolce & Gabanna for men. Their designs are so fit for my style, their uniqueness and creativity screams my whole name all over it.

  82. irishmae101

    Just ONE?? Fine if I must choose ONE, it would have to be Alexander McQueen for his sheer mad brilliance… no wait, make that Chanel…no wait, wait… fine I need time to think this over.

  83. NaziLiana

    John Galliano….i just love him(that includes dior)…..love it

  84. In order from best to last! ;D
    CristobalBalenciaga (not Ghesquire, puhlease! xD)
    McQ’s just versatile! I can go theatrical to elegant in a snap of a finger! ;D
    Ang lande lang nya! xD

  85. Adrian

    am i really the first one to name comme?? (junya and ganryu included)

  86. Adrian

    ok, I’m third! anyways it’s hilarious imagining the people above going to the gym or the grocery store in sequined balmain jackets and floor length versace gowns!

  87. Tom Ford for life! You know what would look good on me? Tom Ford….LMAO…… No, but seriously, I love him. He (Like YSL and Alber) just understand women’s bodies like no other……Love you BB!

  88. garret

    Since we are playing “what ifs” and cost is not a factor, I’d go with Hermes.I’ve grown to like Veronique’s recent collections. If however I would have to pay out of my own pocket I’d choose APC.

  89. topshop. hahahaha! i find it a bit intimidating to wear designer all my life. eg. lanvin, chanel, etc.

  90. phillip lim. i’m currently violently in love with his resort 2010 collection.

  91. Aurelia

    Zac Posen.
    No wait, Alexander Wang.
    No wait, Nannette Lepore.

  92. what a QUESTOIN….I really Heart Lanvin and Balenciaga I’d go for DIOR!!!!

  93. I am almost tempted to say Chanel but I think all that haute couture would be a little too much for simple ‘ol me. I’m going to go with the arty, bohemian girl within me and say CHLOE.

  94. jade_smythe@msn.com

    okay so i know im 4eva changing my mind…but has anyone said ann demuelemeester???

    how can no-one have said ann?

    well i guess now i have!!

  95. ALAIA.
    The well-sculptured unique heels… crazy superbly structured clothing… avantgarde at its best!
    Completely in love.
    Now if you would excuse me, I have tons of money to make to fulfill such a dream.
    xx Adeliet

  96. Jass17jas@earthlink.net

    Salvatore Ferragamo…Has anyone said that yet?

  97. first of all: it would be hell.
    and second: louis vuitton.
    i love the clothing, bags and shoes designed by
    he can make you feel pretty, romantic and grundge
    at the same time.

  98. Xerxes Partyphile

    If I were a woman, I’d say Lanvin..
    But since I’m gay, I still say Lanvin..

    <3 <3 <3 eternal love <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3 eternal love <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3 eternal love <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3 eternal love <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3 eternal love <3 <3 <3

  100. meliss

    I completely agree. Zara offers variety, style, trends, basics – but I’m a blazer gal and the quality of their suiting especially doesn’t do it for me. Zara was my immediate choice… before I changed my mind to Stella McCartney. First of all, Stella lends her genius to collaborations, so I could even look fabulous going to the gym. Second of all, she’s excellent at designing both dresses and separates and uses comfortable knits along with more lush fabrics, so I wouldn’t have to go to the bank in a chiffon and jacquard cocktail dress. Sadly, I haven’t been too impressed by her shoe and handbag line, but there’s potential…
    If I was skinnier, I’d pick Proenza Schouler though…

  101. Blumarine all the way! Out of all the years, I have never come across anything as gorgeous as their clothing. Purely, magnificent!

  102. Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!Tim Hamilton!!!!!
    I love his stuff!

  103. Absolutely: Prada. Muccia is a genius. I love the crazy runway stuff, the fabrics, the bags, the suits, the shirts, and the shoes are killer beautiful and you can actually pound the pavement with them without having them fall apart on you!

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