Herbivore Men in Japan

Written By bryanboy

Herbivore Men in Japan

Man I love Japan!!! Is this what they call them nancy boys with the effeminate touch? Herbivore men?

From CNN:

They are young, earn little and spend little, and take a keen interest in fashion and personal appearance — meet the “herbivore men” of Japan.

Typically, “herbivore men” are in their 20s and 30s, and believe that friendship without sex can exist between men and women, Fukasawa said.

Watch this video. First one to spot the Margiela t-shirt shall win a kiss from me on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

If these boys are ONLY interested in personal appearance and NOT interested in sex or money, what does that make me, someone who is interested in ALL three, you know, a sleazy internet perv who wants you to show da cashmoney to buy a boatload of bags and clothes and hats and shoes and gloves?

Gay Asians Herbivore Men in Japan

Just sayin’.

PS. I bet you most of those herbivorous men log on to Superfuture…

photo via google


  1. Valley Girl

    I love you, BB!!! You’re my long-lost Filipino kuya…er, maybe I’m your ate since I’m probs older than you!!!

    Love, your Fil-Am fan,
    Valley Girl

  2. bathos

    (tan/light brown) margiela tee is worn by the first guy to be focused on camera talking on the phone and scanning pages of a book.
    interesting article btw.

  3. george

    is herbivore the new word for gay??
    im so herbivore today!! luv ya bb

  4. lowell

    :04, I ‘ve seen the t-shirt yesterday at homme et femme shang rila and it’s too pricey. php9000+ for that tee when oki-ni sells its for 85 pounds. i also saw your lanvin sneakers there with a shocking price tag of 29,000. i guess it’s the customs charges again that made these products very expensive.hehe

  5. At first I was thinking of Herbivore=VEgan.
    Turns out its different. LOL
    I think I am gonna love herbivore men
    In fact I am a herbivore lady. ha, ha!

  6. I think this is a positive sign that people are questioning traditional roles and attitudes. I’m hoping the next trend is when people find that happy middle in between. I guess they will be Omnivorous men. Men who are not driven by lust of money and sex, but instead become introspective enough to find out what they really want, and ambitious enough to seek it out.
    I want love, not just sex, and I want meaningful work, not just something that will land me a big paycheck. So I worked hard and became a teacher, and I spend a lot of my free time working to become an even better teacher. I live simply, save money, enjoy life, and focus more on quality than quantity.

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