Grosgrain Ribbon

Written By bryanboy

Grosgrain Ribbon

I went to Carolina's earlier this afternoon to finally buy grosgrain ribbon for my Lanvin sneakers — I bought them in 8 colours! Here are some of the ones I got. The yellow is soo chic no? I also got them in apple green, cherry red, navy blue, etc.

Grosgrain Ribbon

My friend hesitated going to the shop. Tsk. For an awesome guy who concoct lines such as "all you need to get by in life is a smile, a laugh and a sparkle in your eyes… and your eyes are sparkling now", it's very funny to know he's capable of saying "going to a ribbon shop is like shopping for bras with your mother."

Grosgrain Ribbon



  1. mvenus

    “For an awesome guy who concoct lines…” -should be concoctS

  2. HE’s CUTE!!!

    MORE PICS PLEASE. bryan where do u find all these cute guys.

  3. LOL @ the person who corrects grammar flaw! wtf!
    Anyway, “going to a ribbon shop is like shopping for bras with your mother.” aaawww, maybe he meant “going to a ribbon shop with an overly-gay Bryan is superlative fagot-ty”

  4. just bought lanvin sneakers for women, in caramel brown suede with grey grosgrain ribbon laces/patent grey leather detailing….
    the cap toe was in the same color, i like my lanvin more subdued, unlike mrs. obama’s, although also find hers cute as well.
    this would be my 4th pair for this year (just fell in love), have already 2 pairs in satin and another in purple leather all in ballet boat style.
    am crazy about lanvin!!!
    and your friend is a cutie…..

  5. diorella

    darling, you should figure out some way to bind the ends of the ribbon like they have on real shoe laces (like how it’s stiff and can easily go through the holes of the laces easily) because I can already tell the ends are going to fray like crazy without it.

  6. Bryan boy! You are so handsome and funny!:) Putangina kung talo lang tayo rereypin na kita!hahaha Wish we could be friends
    PS: Your friend is also

  7. Gen Sven

    that place looks like you are going to make some kikay kikay clips! hehehe. love the yellow!

  8. frivolous fabulous

    What is this post really about bryan…the ribbons…or the cute guy? Just wondering.

  9. teri (90/10)

    i have a pair of periwinkle blue keds & i want to use persimmon grosgrain for the laces. i read somewhere that you can melt the ends of the grosgrain by holding a match close to it & then patting it into a smooth edge. i’m going to give it a shot.

  10. you should definately post a picture of the gorgeous lanvins with the ribbon in:D i have a pair myself and im wondering if i want to possibly do the same.

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