Esteban Cortazar Out at Ungaro; Blame Lindsay Lohan

Written By bryanboy

Esteban Cortazar Out at Ungaro; Blame Lindsay Lohan

Poor, poor Paris. Hollywood Hell-A trainwreck and notorious troublemaker Lindsay Lohan spares nobody and she’s ruffling a few feathers in the grand city of lights. The latest casualty is young designer Esteban Cortazar, who is said to have walked out from his position at French fashion house Ungaro.

Esteban Cortazar quits Ungaro because of Lindsay Lohan

From today’s Women’s Wear Daily:

According to sources, the French fashion house plans to part ways with Esteban Cortazar, who has shown three collections on the runway. It is understood the designer reached an impasse with Ungaro management over its marketing and advertising strategy.

Mounir Moufarrige, Ungaro’s chief executive officer, is said to be pushing for a celebrity for future ad campaigns to help wake up the house and has been in talks with about half a dozen potential candidates, including Lindsay Lohan, but they would have nothing to do with design.

Lindsay Lohan?

Lord have mercy on us.

’nuff said.

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  1. Aileen

    Wow that commercial I have no words I feel like she stole a piece of my soul and at the same time I feel strangely dumber lol

  2. Che the Webmaster

    Sorry I hope i dont sound bitch but that is one of the worst ads I have ever seen. Its almost a bit spooky and i agree with Eileen!!! it Drains your energy!!!!

  3. agian

    Lindsay Lohan is sinking so low lately, no wonder Ungaro is not going anywhere, it’s CEO has no idea what he’s doing!
    Esteban is better off somewhere else..
    lindsay lohan to revive a french fashion house?? has the world gone mad???
    Lindsay Lohan is the new Britney!(circa 2007)..

  4. Gen Sven

    EWWWWW kacheapan! Sayang! Cute pa ni Esteban! In the wors of Regina George… what is happening to the world?

  5. Punky

    Lindsay looked like an Anorexic Barbie in that commercial! hahaha

  6. oh my?! So it’s official? Why can’t they use Gisele or Kate instead of LiLo? Someone who can sell high fashion?

  7. Rakiel

    OMFG! What? Lindsay?!
    Ugh. just thinking of Lindsay in an UNGARO ad gives me the creeps. And that commercial sucks. I wonder if it made Fornarina sales fluctuate a lot?
    Sayang. Wrong move for Ungaro’s CEO. Esteban should stay, if not he should create his own empire!

  8. Cheyne

    There’s a special place in hell for people like Lindsay Lohan.

  9. portia

    Lindsay looks like a wreck everytime. Poor girl. And why naman her pa for Ungaro?

  10. OMGGGEEE I would’ve left too if I found out her skanky ass was working with me LMAO!!!….my boo Esteban has a great career ahead of him it’s Ungaro’s loss…WHATEV!!


    esteban was only fucking that old man to get the job..hes got no talent!

  12. oh no! That did not seem like a professional commercial… Too bad, I think Lindsay Lohan is good actress normally

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