Ed Westwick at Glamour Magazine UK Awards 2009

Written By bryanboy

Ed Westwick at Glamour Magazine UK Awards

PHWOARRRRRRRRRR! Gimme Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl) any day over Chace Crawford or what’s his face, the dingy guy who plays Dan. I’ve always had the hots for Ed Westwick since day one. 

photo pic of Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) at Glamour Magazine Awards in London


photo credit: wenn


  1. william

    I never would’ve guessed you’d like Ed Westwick – I always assumed you favored the more mainstream hotties (Nate & Dan) since you’re so fond of Terron Wood. I find his character sexy simply because of the personality, but lookswise, I’m indifferent.

  2. geisharock

    Purrrrrrrrr. This guy is HOTSECKS. Thank you for the heads up about shopbop free shipping! xoxo

  3. Queen Elizabitch

    I’d rather die signing-up for Sonia Rykiel’s F/W 2009!

  4. Insomnia

    Sex on legs, sex on legs! He’s way better than the other 2!

  5. Olivi

    Lol, funny
    The new blog of two French fashionistas, Olivia & Mariam 17 years old, the next designer of this generation ;) come on !
    help us to be famous ;) bisous bisous
    come on

  6. Nah Bryan, his nostrils way bigger than his eyes, I can imagine one can hear him sucking air in and out from those massive nostrils :o) Not my type at all with that meaty face.

  7. Ewwistheonlywordiknow

    Ok, sorry to not put this eloquently: but, ewww, friggin ewww! He gross. Looks like a dwarf and his visage is eww.

  8. Ilaria

    I actually prefer tall skinny boys. But he has something different, he looks like an animal, ahahahhahaha.

  9. Rakiel

    I just love him ever since. I would even kill my friend who likes Nate. ha, ha!
    Ed is in a band and that makes him hotter.
    He is not that handsome but he has the thing that makes you Ummph. He is a man oozing with SEX appeal.

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