Christy, Naomi, Gisele and Linda.

Written By bryanboy

Christy, Naomi, Gisele and Linda.

People of teh interwebs, lemme just say THIS was bound to happen. It's called destiny.

Yu Masui, Jean Paul Paula, Bryanboy, Charles Guislain

From left to right: Christy, Naomi, Gisele and Linda. (Yu Masui, Jean-Paul Paula, Bryanboy, Charles).

That's all.



  1. lol yeah! Charles is so demure here. love that alabaster skin.

  2. Yu’s ikea bag is screaming “I don’t give a f*** what you fashion folk think!” Love it!

  3. wasn’t that kid Charles on the sartorialist a few months ago rocking a westwood women’s cardigan, pierre hardy sneaks and a dior homme bag?

  4. Gen Sven

    WERK the Ikea Bag and Balenciaga!!!!! This definitely needs to be redone in French Vogue or something. Please Carine!

  5. I have to give Bryanboy this one just because he is wearing Michelle Obamas Lavis shoes lol

  6. wow, soooo fierce!
    Print it, frame it, box it! i want a copy!
    its ready for a shrine!

  7. “Christy, Naomi, Gisele and Linda” I loled so much. coolness.

  8. lowell

    and i thought God burned sodom and gomorra seems to be so young gurl, how old is he? if i could just snatch the mcqueen shirt from Yu right now……..

  9. BB I really like you and all but,m I’m going with Yu on this one. If i can only get my hands on his McQueen shirt and sandals … :)

  10. I Sooo Love the hand-me-down-garage-sale-gowns they are all wearing. They should all be congratulated for supporting our green world of ‘Save-&-Wear-Wot-Granny-Wore.’ LOL!

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