Christopher Bailey Backstage at Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2010 Milan

Written By bryanboy

Christopher Bailey

While roaming backstage, I was trying to think of questions to ask Christopher that haven't been asked by the numerous fashion crew around him. I actually thought of several good ones. However, my mind went blank when my turn came up so all I ended up telling him (aside from the usual good greetings – not in these exact words — crikey — everything happened too fast) is that a lot of key pieces of the collection are very lightweight (the muted pastel jackets and coats were my FAVOURITE) so I asked what inspired him to go through that direction.

Christopher Bailey

I NEVER post pictures of me smiling (in fact, this shot was taken by accident and Christopher was gracious enough to take another and another one) because I have janky teeth but hey I think this shot represents the moment. So there.

A very BIG thank you to the very handsome, very British and very gentleman (ok now I'm getting overboard) Miles for making things happen. You're the BEST!

As always, more photos to follow. Male models! Clothes!


  1. ehi!
    are you here in Milan!great!
    I’m here in milan too…
    I go for some runway tomorrow..^^
    enjoy milan!

  2. george

    omg bryan give me ur impressions of milan! i’m studying fashion at the istituto marangoni there this summer i’ll arrive in a week! restaurants, shops, thrift stores?? give me insider recommendations if you have any?

  3. from “mum” to “colours” and now “crikey”, bryan, your verbiage is all sorts of muddled. stop trying to be something you’re not :-

  4. stan and kyle

    We want to see more pics of the world’s favorite third world fag. Seriously, dude! You’re looking HOT, and despite your protests, you have a very handsome smile.

  5. Janky teeth? What janky teeth!? You have a gorgeous smile :) Sounds like you’re having an amazing time, can’t wait to see more pictures …Kara xo

  6. i like this photo. you and christopher look happy meeting each other.
    tell us more about burberry!!

  7. Oh my oh my !!! Did I pass in front of you twice today at lunchtime ?!? Were you going to Bulgari hotel ??? Couse I saw someone with the same skin tone, same jacket, and a wonderful clutch that could have definitely been you !!!

  8. I, officially, envy you! First, Marc Jacobs and now, Cristopher Bailey! Darn it, darn it. Could you bring me with you on one of your trips? Love you!

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