Benoni Loos at Dunhill Spring/Summer 2010

Written By bryanboy

Benoni Loos at Dunhill Spring/Summer 2010

Yep it’s Benoni again! I guess it’s obvious that he’s my fave boy this season. *L*O*V*E* LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Benoni Loos Dunhill Spring Summer 2010

Backstage buddy Sonny wanted to take photos of me with Benoni (who tried to pull me) but I told them I don’t want to be photographed beside models. I know, I know but look… please don’t make me feel uglier than what I am now. I’m very shy and insecure. Haha ;)

Click click click!

I kid you not when I say he’s sooooo tall!

Gurl watchu lookin at?

And now, on the runway… WERQ!

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Amazing, no?

That’s all.

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