Balenciaga Jacket

Written By bryanboy

Balenciaga Jacket

Saw this ultra stunning Balenciaga jacket on sale at Theresa in Munich. 

Balenciaga Jacket

It's one of those dream/aspirational pieces, no? Nice to look at, nice to try, but in the end, it's not really meant for you.. in my case, well, it's not meant for me.



  1. Were you already wearing those pants or were they at the shop as well?
    A fun combo, fo sure.

  2. the jacket might not be meant for you, but the pants almost make me hyperventilate from pure awesomeness.

  3. i really thought that should’ve remained a runway only piece, just for show.. coz in reality i don’t think that anyone can look good in that..

  4. You made the right decision. It’s gorgeous but not for you, plus it’s kinda heavy too.

  5. eyegames

    The whole ensemble looks folkloric to me: tartar-meets-moro.

  6. epic jacket, just not with those pants though.
    at least u get to try it on and have a pic taken. shouldve pestered the shop people for better pants to wear them with.

  7. I feel your pain – I tried on the pink and green floral Balenciaga jacket with the structured shoulders from S/S08 and um… no. I agree it’s GORGEOUS but I’ll leave it to Jennifer Connelly to work it. xxxx

  8. you’re at theresa in munich??!!! i also buy my lanvin banana flats from them online but pricey shipping at 69euros. am on my 7th pair of lanvins buying from different websites.

  9. Sadly, much of balenciaga’s stuff is meant for two types of people:

    1) Aliens


    2)Carine Roitfeld.


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