Antoine Clamaran – Reach for the Stars [lyrics, video]

Antoine Clamaran – Reach for the Stars [lyrics, video]

Written By bryanboy

Antoine Clamaran – Reach for the Stars

J’adore this song! Listen to the lyrics. This track represents everything I feel about this quick European jaunt. ;)

There was a time, I was so lonely… I never thought I’d be out of the dark. Deep in my heart, there was a longing to never give up anything that I start.

And I just can’t believe that I’m here, and it feels good. I just can’t believe that I’ve come so far… so come on, do something to me…. I’m flying away… I, I gotta reach for the stars. No matter how far they are. I gotta believe in life. I’m catching the stars to shine.

I can’t deny, the world is so crazy… Sometimes I wish I could just fly to the moon
I worked so hard, and still I’ve gotten lazy. I gotta shine, I know just what to do…

Oh and if I hear that god damn “I’m sweet like sugar” song one more time (they play it every 15 minutes in Parisian radio stations), I swear to god a baby unicorn will die.


  1. j.due

    this made me cry.
    it’s laughable.
    but it made me feel better.
    let’s all reach for our stars!
    thanks bboy.
    you’re not bad.

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