Air France 447 Flight Rio de Janeiro to Paris Crash Feared [video, photo]

Written By bryanboy

Air France Flight AF 447 Rio de Janeiro to Paris

Heard this on the radio earlier on my way back home from the mall. Air France flight AF 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris disappeared from the radar while flying over the Atlantic Ocean. NY Times reported there are 216 passengers on board with 12 crew members.

Air France Flight 447 AF447 crashed from Rio de Janeiro to Paris

According to CNN, Air France 447 reported electrical problems before it lost contact with ground staff.

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS get chills running down my spine every time I hear unpleasant news involving planes because of my fear of flying. I shit you not. I get these weird thoughts in my head that one day it’s not lung cancer that’s gonna eject my existence from the face of the planet but some sort of plane accident. *knocks on wood*. I hope not! I really do want to be old. I don’t wanna die young. I wanna die in my sleep when I’m 85 years old.

In Chanel couture, of course.

I hope it’s just a minor malfunction and nothing catastrophic.

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  1. me nope.
    but my dad was supposed to go from manila – paris – bogota by air france last week but he postponed his trip because of the whole swine flu madness.

  2. agian

    hmm.. maybe the bermuda triangle is bigger than we think…
    scary though, how do you even know if it crashed? it just dissapeared.. this so reminds me of “lost”…

  3. idyll

    The same thing applies to me. I have this huge phobia and the belief that flying will be the end of me. When I heard the news, I was so scared for those people. I hope that they will come out alive even though the news are not so hopeful:( I guess there’s nothing to do but wait.

    You know this dream with dying in your sleep with Chanel, I have the same one with an Alaia dress :)

  4. Ghostman

    We look at those planes flying silently overhead without even thinking about them. They are so far up there, so far away… we can hardly even see them. If you look at one long enough as it passes overhead, staring at the almost invisible hull, you can coax your mind into entering a make-believe scenerio inside the aircraft, with very little to see but seatbacks and silence, and even the muffled roar of the engines as it conveys you, almost unknowingly, slightly under the speed of sound. The turbulence from the looming storm is enough to have every soul on edge, and probably extreme enough for the captain to have signaled to the passengers to remain seated.

    Without warning, lights are extinguished and buzzers and bell tones begin to alert terrified individuals that something has gone horribly wrong. In the few remaining seconds that the huge aircraft remains intact there are horrifying screams, and then, as the cabin loses air pressure, it disintegrates, and the screams are smothered by winds from the atmosphere moving at four hundred and fifty miles an hour. By this time everyone onboard is unconscious.

    Maybe that is not what happened. But something just as awful and shocking did.

    Some say that the folks aboard Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie may have actually regained consciousness during the fall.

    With the sudden loss of air pressure to the cabin, this falls right in place with what happened during that flight, but there is no indication that any foul play was at hand. It also sounds similar to what happened to the space shuttle in 2001, but there was not enough friction from wind speed to melt through the hull.

    Whether the craft was hit by lightning in the nose where the exposed radar is and lost bearing, plummeting into the sea, or impacted an iron wall of wind and rain as hard as the surface of the ocean, the fact remains that these people eye witnessed the most terrifying event that can be encountered in aviation.

    Sympathy for them is all we are able to muster, because our imaginations are much too humble and generous to allow anything other than that.

    You can take this post down if you want to for being inappropriate. But any of you that can’t figure out why Idyll and others are afraid of flying, just think about it that way.

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to each and every one of the victims and those whom they loved, and my apologies to anyone that finds offense to this post.

  5. Linda

    i have a fear of flying. i never flew before.. i am 46 years old, and i would like to fly one day, but after hearing of this accident (if it was an accident) makes me think again. can you just imagine how those passangers felt. i just shake of the thought of that. being in the middle of the atlantic ocean and no where to go.

  6. Maha Chohan

    The Heir of the Brazilian Throne, Prince Pedro Luis de Orleans e Braganca, was the target in flight 447, of Air France.

  7. Johnbolbo

    An Air France jet with 228 people on board is feared to have crashed in the ocean off the coast of Brazil.
    Heard this on the radio earlier on my way back home from the mall. Air France flight AF 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris disappeared from the radar while flying over the Atlantic Ocean.
    The video from the scene:Air France jet-video-online

  8. ankit shah

    thats really a bad its shakes my entire body when i came to know about this accident . just imagine how the passengers feels when trhey fell from app.35000 feets its really very horrible imagination…… .i just pray to god that there soul get peace…

  9. mibnufajar

    On your other post you said that you wanna die in 80 with Dior Couture on. Which is the right one ?

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