Why I love cab drivers

Written By bryanboy

Why I love cab drivers

Had to take a cab earlier this morning to run very important errands cause our driver is sick.  Ten minutes into the ride, the cabbie started questioning me…

Katrina Halili Hayden Kho scandal;photo of a taxi driver

"Napanood nyo na ba yung video? Ang gandang lalaki ni Hayden Kho. Grabe ang katawan niya noh? Ang libog libog niya! Ganun pala sila (mga doctor), ang hihilig sa sex!"

I died.

You should've seen my face when I heard him say that. He was dead serious and he delivered his speech with conviction I've never heard before. You'd think he'd go on and on and on about Katrina but no, out of all the characters in this so-called KatKho brouhaha, Hayden was his main focal point.



  1. just curious

    how bout you bryan? do you have racy videos of your own?

  2. vivalabam

    LMAO! This so funny! but the whole issue about that so-called sex video is already getting in to my nerves! There are just so many things to worry about these days than those videos made by some horny humping couples. It’s so kacheapan!

  3. benshokla

    zino naman ang di malu-lukring kung magaling maglampaso ng monay ang kalaguyo mo, devah vonggah day?? Ahahaha!

  4. daniel

    ka baro din ang taxi driver! pero looking at his photo parang wala syang “K” na maging chuffatid! Ahhahaha!

  5. HAHAHAHA! OMFG! ROFL……….wow………. def. made my day! omg! and it seemed like he was holding his thoughts for sooo long that the first person he thought of sharing it with was you! hahahah

  6. Gen Sven

    hahaha na isahan ka ng cab driver!
    i was wondering when you were gonna talk about this…

  7. eidref102

    my sis told me about all these bruhaha. i was like who the fuck are these? another paris hilton wannabees? i googled it and look into one of the video. its like a go go boy and a stripper…
    ive seen enough of that shit here in thailand and im not even bothered to see another one one of those. especially celebrities who u end up asking WHO????

  8. gurl, this hayden kho katrina halili bullshit is SO beneath me.
    if it weren’t for the cab driver (who TOTALLY made my day), i wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

  9. my thoughts exactly. i haven’t even seen the videos. i saw the vid of them dancing but that’s about it. not worth my time and i want those precious minutes back.
    katrina halili makes a living taking off her clothes! funny how she plays the victim
    and bong revilla is an ass for blowing this shit out of proportion. now the whole country is paralyzed with this crap.
    these people need to get on with the program.

  10. portia

    maybe the cab driver was fixated on how “long” the said subject can “perform”. The bf was fixated on the same thing too.

  11. Gabby

    Speaking of cab incidents, this is embarrassing but OK. One night from a party I was about to head home and waited for my driver to pick me up but then he called and said he couldn’t make it so I had to take a cab. So there was I counting my money on my Coach wallet then the taxi driver started speaking english (almost like tag-lish. Like that taxi driver from Roman holiday) and I got so distracted and he said that there are a lot of badies here (in Makati), that you rich kids should always be alert (then he told stories about the whereabouts and crimes etc.) – After his long talk I just said ok, then I ask him how much would it cost me, he said 800 bucks is ok. Then silence, I was so sleepy, suddenly I realize that I spent all my money for frozen margaritas & etc. and I only got like 500 something peso bucks in my purse so I just ended up explaining myself to him that I can only pay him 500 bucks. :)) Then I beg him til’ he said yes. :))
    What was I to do? Swipe my credit card on his blabbering mouth? :)) lol
    tc Bryan. ;) xx

  12. macky style dump

    Bryan, give him props for trying to relate to you, his dear passenger!! haha
    maybe he expected a tip, since he was talking Boy talk with you. lols fuun/ awkward

  13. Charlie

    this is sooo true! even in our office. the guys keep on referring hayden this hayden that. their not even gay!

  14. the crzy thing is..i found Hayden HOT now bcoz of this eehehe…

  15. chuzzle

    There is even a fucking senate hearing for this shit. what da FUCKKK…

  16. This happened to me too!!!! As in May 28 din! :O
    The driver was even like, “ang laki kasi ng ari ni Hayden eh”. I died too. :|

  17. elyone

    you said it right! but come to think of it, election’s next year already so you know the drill uggh

  18. Bernice♥

    OMG as in OMFG….stop it already!why dont People send death threats on them?lol its not like its the 1st in asia so for both of them your only the second in rank guys!lol 1st ranked goes to Edison Chen and Gillian Chung,and man their life was over after the leakage of their scandal!

    Oww..P.S. the manong’s teddy hanging on the mirror is cute:)

  19. yeah, ive seen that scandal, and honestly, i was better off checking out Chanel’s resort 2010 collection. What a waste of time, although I was hoping I could see the guy’s genitals but, still, it still was a crap blown out of proportion.

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