Why do you like riding hippos? I ride anything I get! Athlone couple fight [VIDEO]

Written By bryanboy

Why do you like riding hippos?

This video of a cheating couple fighting on the street has been making the rounds online. Apparently it’s popular in Ireland. I am laughing so hard I’m literally in tears. I feel sorry for the infant. Vicky Pollard is dat chu?

The $64 million question is: why do you like riding hippos? Why do you ride women that look like men? Answer me.

“I ride anything I get!”



  1. Sassy

    Those are the people/knackers whos benefiting from our taxes! Its a shame really but we seem them everyday.

  2. Sinead White

    Oh my god…. This is my Town. It’s Athlone, Ireland.. Kill me now hahaha.. im so suprised it got this famous :L

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