White Knight

Written By bryanboy

White Knight

Zara to me is the land of no return. It’s temptation island right there! Every time I go to the mall and see the Zara store I always, always, ALWAYS tell myself to avoid it simply because it’s the vortex of evil. Especially when you’re trying to save money and when you’re on a very tight budget. Don’t get me wrong — I do LOVE Zara like everyone else but it’s so bloody hard to walk out of the store empty handed. You tell yourself you’re just gonna get one basic top, perhaps one of their v-necks, because you need it… next think you know, you’ve got a whole caravan’s worth of clothes on your arm to take you to the dressing room.

Basic tops aside, I got this cute cream-coloured jacket which is totally inspired by the house that Coco built.

photo credits: glenn perez


  1. I’ve seen it to in Zara and totally thought of Chanel too:D
    Love it!

  2. jams!

    zomg! SAME HERE! everytime i go inside Zara, i always buy something.. even though i dont need it! ZARA is heroin!

  3. Hi Bryan! I was just wondering what camera you’re using? you’ve got some very very pretty pictures. You look fab in that jacket and I’m sure it was a good buy! :) hope you can reply to this comment :)

  4. I lovee the jacket and it looks gorgeous on you <3
    Agree with you about Zara… is dangeourus for my economy hehe
    Btw… I just loveeeee the Zara new collection…the colors, fabrics, pieces, etc…love love love

  5. Love the jacket…looks gorgeous on you <3
    And yes, Zara is soo dangerous!! you wanna buy everything..
    specially this new collection…omg!! LOVE the colors, fabrics, pieces…etc etc

  6. This is so ironic…I live in DC and there is a two-story Zara downtown, and Friday as I left work early, I strolled through Urban Outfitters and American Apparrel without faltering. But once I walked past this periwinkel v-neck shirt, I could not resist. At only $9.99, it wasn’t a splurge but there have been plenty of occassions that my weakness has led to totals twelve times worse.

  7. LOL, I second what you’ve written!!! I went to Zara today and I died. I caved in. I just had to get this striped black white blazer!!! It was so cute but the bf said I looked like a prisoner. HAHAHA. I love Zara! I’ve been checking out their chanelesque jackets! Lucky you! They are FABULOUS on ya!

  8. Bernice♥

    wow i love the pic esp. the grayscale one its o Calvin Klien?Sorry to the Zara Store but the pic really gave me an impression of CK!
    Much love BB♥

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